Schiffer Reports to Buffalo's City Council

State Senator John Schiffer
State Senator John Schiffer

At the request of Buffalo's City Council, State Senator John Schiffer (R-Kaycee) was at last week's council meeting to report on happenings at the state level.

Schiffer told the council that Governor Matt Mead is looking to find money for Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT )projects and for municipalities at the coming legislative session.

The discussion at the Legislature will be how funding will be distributed to municipalities, whether through consensus funds, allocating it through the State Lands and Investments Board (SLIB), or just by “writing a blank check,” as he put it.

Schiffer said he doesn't favor the blank check option, even though he said “Buffalo has been very responsible” with money from the state.

Schiffer said the legislature will be looking at finding funding for community landfills and looking into alternative funding for roads and highways.

Schiffer did say that he will not pursue higher fuel taxes because he doesn't believe it will make it to the floor for a vote, and it would be a waste of time to pursue it. He would rather concentrate on items he feels have a chance of passing.

Schiffer told the council he will come back periodically to report on the State Legislature in the future.

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