Scammers Target Sheridan Residents

Scammers Target Sheridan Residents

Sheridan is being targeted by another wave of scam artists. The first newly reported scam involves a telephone caller who insists the recipient is being watched by their Internet provider. Sheridan resident, Fred Holwell, said he got a call like this, and the caller identified himself as an employee of Microsoft.

Holwell recognized the call for the scam and handled it appropriately.

Several other Sheridan residents have reported receiving similar calls, which serves as a reminder to be vigilant when giving out any personal information over the phone, and never be shy about checking credentials.
Another scam going around Sheridan comes in the form of an e-mail supposedly from Federal Express informing the recipient they could not deliver a package. The message then prompts the reader to click on a link to print a receipt to claim the package. However, the link actually unleashes a virus that wreaks havoc on a computer.

FedEx officials have confirmed that they do not send e-mails if they're unable to deliver a package. Instead, they leave a note on the door, and after three unsuccessful delivery attempts, the package is sent back.

If you believe you have been the victim of an online or telephone scam, contact the Sheridan Police Department at 672-2413.

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