Saws Moves Forward With Proposed Rate Changes

The rate structure for SAWS customers will likely be changing in the next couple of months as the board approved moving forward with a two-tiered rate structure. The two-tier system will raise the base rate a bit for the casual user, and decrease the rate for the large users. SAWS Administrator Dave Engles.

Now that the Board is proposing a change in rates, there will be a 45-day comment period.

Engles said that the 45-day public comment period will begin as soon as the change to the rules and regulations are advertised.

Last figure I heard was

Last figure I heard was roughly 300 taps in use with at least 695 taps still in limbo and not bringing in any revenue for saws.


So you believe they should be paying for 695 taps that are not installed? I don't understand why you would think they should have to do that. Future taps cost SAWS nothing. Are there 695 people in the Little Goose Valley who would otherwise be using these taps and paying SAWS for them? Can you name me another subdivision in this county that is currently paying for future taps?

Gorsky there isn't another

Gorsky there isn't another subdivision in this county that was given a surplus of taps like this,to need to pay maintenace fees on.Only the powder horn was given this special option.If a private individual has a tap but doesn't use it,they pay a maintenance fee,why shouldn't the powder horn?As was stated before,if they did you'd have another $125k coming into saws yearly.

Makes you wonder if the rate

Makes you wonder if the rate increase would even be required if the powder horn was paying in the additional $125k that SAWS loses on them while the majority of their 965 taps sit in limbo and generate no fees.

The $125k figure comes directly from Dave Engle.

How Many

Do you have any idea how many SAWS taps are in place at The Powder Horn? You say that they aren't paying for taps and I am just wondering how many taps they have installed that they aren't paying for.

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