SAWS Board Approves Administration Solution

The Sheridan Area Water Supply joint powers board met earlier this week and has come up with a solution administrator dilemma. Former SAWS administrator Jay Stender resigned in July 2008. Since that time the board has contracted with Entech Engineering to provide those services. The board will now split those duties between the City of Sheridan and Sheridan County. Technical duties will be handled by the City utilities staff. The County will hire a person to take care of day to day administration.

In other business, the board was informed that changes may have to be made to the Big Goose Water Treatment Plant to comply with EPA regulations. City Utilities Director Dan Miller says both SAWS and the City will have to make some changes to reduce levels of certain bacteria.

Both SAWS and the City will have several years to comply with the Federal mandate. Board member Dave Kinskey indicated that current water is perfectly safe.

SAWS will reconsider their rater structure again in the next couple months. Under the latest proposal, there would only be two usage tiers for users with any size tap. The maximum rate would also drop by nearly one dollar per 1000 gallons if the new rates are eventually approved.

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Let's give Dan a chance.

Let's give Dan a chance. What's more troubling to me is that Mayor Kinskey thinks he knows more about Sheridan's water qualtiy than the agency responsible for ensuring its safety. Regulations can be daunting, but to realize our Mayor thinks he's smarter than the scientists at EPA is scary.

That's typical kinskey,he'd

That's typical kinskey,he'd love to have total control over SAWS,so he could keep his developer buddies in cheap taps.For his "affordable housing",that is anything but affordable.

Sheridan can't afford to give Miller a chance.His past performance is the greatest indicator of his future performance and we can't afford $140 million of debt any more then Iowa could.

Wow we sure are lucky to

Wow we sure are lucky to have Dan Miller here in sheridan.After all he just spent 18 plus years in Iowa with a municipality that is currently $140 million in debt.Give Dave Kinskey a big thank you for bringing this guy to sheridan.

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