A Saturday Morning Tradition

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Quilt to be raffled off during the Relay for Life later this month.
Quilt to be raffled off during the Relay for Life later this month.

It's a Saturday morning tradition for a lot of folks around here. It's that get up early, get your map, and head out to the streets of Sheridan, looking for the best buy out there. Summer is garage 'saleing' time and Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott did a little shopping herself.

Fluorescent pink, neon green, and sunburst yellow have to be the colors for this summer. You've seen them, especially on Saturday mornings. It's those garage sale signs posted at, seems like every light pole, cardboard box, and even on some cars at the busiest intersections of our community. Now, I'm not a garage sale shopper, so I grabbed my granddaughter Gabriela and decided to check it out.

We followed the bright colored signs just like following the Yellow Brick Road...all we had to do was follow and look for all the cars. Seems like half the town follows this Saturday morning ritual. Lori Zimmersheid is a seasoned bargain hunter from Clearmont and says its all about finding the best deal.

You can't beat that buy. Now, the library was supposed to have a garage sale out on its north parking lot. We got there and couldn't find it. We drove around and finally parked and went inside. Word be told, they had sold out on Friday. It's said the early bird gets the worm, well to get a bargain garage saleing you got to get going early. Listen to Christina Knight and Kristy Kawulok.

There was a giant garage sale held in the gym at the old Woodland Park School. It was huge and filled the entire gym and Rhonda Hart tells us it was all for a good cause.

In fact, to date, Hart's Relay for Life team has raised well over $5000 for the Cancer Society. With that much stuff packed in the gym, I asked Hart what she was going to do with the leftovers.

Good Luck with that. Sonni Williams has a garage sale every year, for all the stuff she has gathered from other garage sales.

A garage sale for a garage sale. Now, putting on a garage sale seems like a lot of work. Misty Dilley says it also takes time.

Hailey Wilcox was there with Misty. This little girl worked the garage sale from a different angle. She asked me.

How could I resist? Two glasses of lemonade coming right up.

Rhonda Hart shared this saying about garage saleing.

Or how about this from Lori Zimmersheid.

We had fun and next Saturday we'll be out with the best of them finding our bargains.

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