Sagebrush Elementary Encouraging Parent Involvement

Sagebrush Elementary Encouraging Parent Involvement

Sagebrush Elementary principal Mike Wood stressed the importance of the new in-depth way teachers are working with students at his school, during his annual elementary update to the School District No. 2 Board of Trustees.

He explained what one might see if they visited Sagebrush Elementary on a normal school day.

He reported PAWS scores for the year that were in the 90th percentiles proficient and advanced in all but one of the tested areas for third through fifth grades. (See scores below)

Goals for the upcoming year include improving that one low-mark – third grade reading scores were 71 percent proficient and advanced – to all levels testing above 95 percent proficient or advanced. They also include improving PAWS and District Writing Assessment scores to 95 percent in writing. And, Wood added, they want to raise math across all grades to 95 percent proficient or advanced in PAWS.

Wood said they will also work to build relationships with families that encourage learning in students, adding that they plan to have quarterly parent engagement and learning nights.

PAWS Results
Third Grade Sagebrush
Reading 71%
Writing 96%
Math 98%

Fourth Grade Sagebrush
Reading 91%
Writing 91%
Math 97%

Fifth Grade Sagebrush
Reading 90%
Writing 97%
Math 97%

State Averages
Third Grade
Reading 66%
Writing 80%
Math 88%

Fourth Grade
Reading 84%
Writing 75%
Math 81%

Reading 77%
Writing 86%
Math 78%

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