The Run-Down on Sheep Dogs

The Run-Down on Sheep Dogs

Wyomingites on Public Lands have probably seen shaggy white dogs tending to herds of sheep in the summertime. While the Forest Service and other government agencies have campaigns informing wilderness visitors to leave stock dogs alone, not everyone understands their role. These semi-wild sheepherders aren't anything close to pets. Wildlife biologist, Michael Marlow says they're dogs with jobs who need to be respected for their vital role in helping wildlife and livestock to share a common space.

Common breeds of these herding dogs include the Great Pyreneese, Akbash and Anatolian Shepherds. After they've been living in the bush for a while, they might look a little rough on the outside, but don't worry; they don't need rescued. rescued.

Stock dogs aren't always accustomed to human company and may even perceive people as a threat to their herds, so it's best to admire these helpful herders from afar.

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