Rosie Berger Goes to Washington

One would think that with the 2010 Budget Session coming to an end in Cheyenne that lawmakers would return home, kick back and relax. Not so with Wyoming's "short rep," Representative Rosie Berger. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has the story.

Rosie Berger will drive back to Big Horn where she will open a very special embossed invitation, be home for a few hours, and then hop on a plane headed for the Nation's Capitol.

Did she just say President and Mrs. Obama? Indeed, and it should prove to be an interesting trip for a woman who represented Wyoming at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis during the last election campaign.

Berger is one of thirty women, and the only woman from the Equality State, invited to attend. She tells us why she was selected for this honor.

Ironically, even though Wyoming is the first state to give women the right to vote and we had the first woman to serve as governor, involvement by women in public life today is quite low, not because there are not opportunities for them, but because they are not taking those opportunities. Rosie started four years ago a program called "Leap Into Leadership" to train women in how to get involved either locally or statewide.

The Women in History reception takes place at The White House Monday afternoon, March 8th. We hope to get a report from Rosie on Tuesday of what she experiences there.

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republican party convention this weekend

If you are a registered Republican, and dissatisfied with her performance it might be good to attend the republican caucus and convention this weekend, perhaps some of her issues can be addressed there?

Event: Sheridan County Precinct Caucus and ConventionDate: Saturday, March 13, 2010Time: 8:00AM - lunch from 12 – 1 (candidates invited to speak)Location: Sheridan Inn, SheridanContact: Kathy Coleman | 307-673-5264 |

Dems don't want her

Rosie Berger is one of the most counterfeit people in our community. It's all about her - not the people she was elected to represent. One of those people that will say hello only if her 'important' friends aren't in earshot. Folks - elect someone that truly cares next time. Not that anyone decent would run - not a job for hard working, decent honest folk.

Rosie Berger is proof

Rosie Berger is proof positive,of the need for term limits.


RINO - Republican In Name Only. It's no wonder she's on Obama's invite list.


Maybe instead of spending so much time here on Sheridan Media and now going to socialise with the DC crowd, Representative Berger should spend some time explaining why she voted against the concealed carry measure. That measure appears to have two to one support in the question of the week. I think we should begin to really scrutinise how these people have been voting recently.

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