Rodeo Weekend Beating Victim Has History Of Violence

One of the victims of a severe beating during Sheridan WYO Rodeo weekend was arrested at the Sheriff’s Office on Wednesday. 24-year-old Neil Switzer was arrested on a failure to appear warrant.

The missed court appearance was for a probation revocation hearing scheduled last spring. Switzer was on probation after being found guilty of domestic battery in 2008.

On the morning of the recent attack, court documents allege that Switzer had left the area where the attack took place but armed himself with a metal pipe and returned. Several witnesses allege that Switzer yelled for someone to come out of a residence on Gould Street and confront him.

25-year-old Leo Pinnick and 18-year-old Walker Takes Horse are both charged with aggravated assault and battery for the attack on Switzer. Takes Horse will enter his plea in 4th Judicial District Court on September 4th, while Pinnick has a preliminary hearing scheduled for next Thursday, August 20th. Both men face a possible 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

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We know Pinnick and he is

We know Pinnick and he is also a good guy, when people get drunk they do stupid things, even the best of people. I'm sorry about everyone that got hurt in this situation. Maybe your brother should learn not to drink and maybe so should our friend. The whole thing about not coming to your town to kill your people, grow up! I talked to him that night on the phone and he had no intention of killing or almost killing anyone, he was just having a good time, then obviously something went wrong.

Neil Switzer is a nice kid

Neil Switzer is a nice kid but yes he is a troube maker. He is the kid that all of the cops know by name. That usually isnt a good sign. Wrong is wrong. When you break the law you deserve punishment.

All 4 of those boys were in

All 4 of those boys were in the wrong! Takehorse and Pinick certainly aren't angels but they are good people. Your brother started that fight.....never start things you can't finish or better yet don't start fights at all :)

the pipe

Exactly why did he return to the sight of the argument with a pipe? It seems to me that people who turn rodeo weekend here into a pipe and gun fight are not such good people, none of them. I'm hopeful that the 2 guys who did this serve a lot of time in jail, but I'm not so sure your brother and his friend shouldn't be in jail too.


I'm glad you are sticking up for family. But I know your brother and he is hardly an angel. He is BAD news.

get the facts straight!

sounds like nobody really knows the victims! those perps had no right to beat my brother and his best friend almost to death!!! i dont care who started what. it was a drunken, testosteron filled fight and i dont care what outsiders think, there is no way anyone deserved that! my brother and chris are good people.. they would never use weapons in a fight and they would never keep beating while the guys were on the ground. so why do takeshorse and pinnick think they have a right to come to OUR town and attempt to murder OUR good people? i hope they stay in prison for AT LEAST TEN YEARS and they should pay for EVERYTHING they did to OUR family!

We use to say when I was growing up.....

Don't let your mouth write checks your butt cant cash... Sounds like this guy might have been working on a possable over draft....

All that aside, The perps in this case did pull a gun and discharge it from what I understand., so any way you cut it, thats a big no no.....


sounds like this bozo may not exactly be a hapless victim in the matter?

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