Rodeo Time Brings Back Memories For Former Rodeo Clown

The rodeo clown may be one of the most versatile occupations in the sport. Sheridan Media News Director Kurt Layher talked with one former clown about his rodeo life.

Tonight, the grandstands will be filled with the cheers and applause of thousands of Sheridan WYO Rodeo fans. Some will get excited about rough stock events, others like roping, and some have their favorite cowboy or favorite bull. But what about the rodeo clowns? Like circus clowns, rodeo clowns make us laugh, but entertaining the crowd is just a part time job for rodeo clowns. Just ask Lee Womelsdorf, he spent 14 years as a PRCA rodeo clown.

Rodeo clowns are sometimes called “bullfighters,” although it’s not much of a fight when a man gets in the way of a ton of Brahma bull. Womelsdorf says he remembers one bull in particular that got the better of him.

Womelsdorf was enticed into the job by the good pay, but after a while he realized that he loved what he did, and he enjoyed the chance to make people laugh. What’s his advice for any up and coming clowns?

The years and injuries have taken their toll on Womelsdorf. He resides at the VA Medical Center in Sheridan where he continues to make people laugh and still looks out for the cowboy in everyone. If he had it all to do again, would he change anything? Not on your life.

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