Road and Bridge Assumes Maintenance at Mikesell-Potts

Scott Pehringer
Scott Pehringer

On July 1st, Johnson County Road and Bridge took over the maintenance, cleaning, and everyday up-keep of the county-owned Mikesell-Potts Recreation area at Lake Desmet.

The transition was necessary because of the retirement of former county employee Rick Durfee, who had been in charge of the recreation area for a number of years.

Road and Bridge Supervisor Scott Pehringer reported to the county commissioners recently that he has hired a lady to take care of the everyday cleaning, maintenance and fee collections at the site.

He explained that Road and Bridge is really taking a close look at the recreation area to see what can be improved in the future.

Over the 4th of July weekend there were 24 vehicles with 16-county plates, ten 17-county plates, 32 from Sheridan, and 12 from Casper.
Also camped there during the weekend were cars from North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconson, Colorado, Arizona, Montana and Washington.
One hundred and two fees were collected at the recreation area during the weekend.

Pehringer said they are tracking the information to get a better understanding of who is using the facility and when.

He also reported he and the Game and Fish have spoken and will be cooperating on blading, graveling and dust abatement on Monument Road at Lake DeSmet.

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