Riparian Setback Comment Period Opens Today

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Riparian Setback Comment Period Opens Today

Sheridan's county commissioners have formally opened the comment period for the proposed new development regulations in county riparian areas. The stated purpose of the zoning amendments is to promote public health, safety and welfare of the county, and restricts landowners from making new developments on land within a riparian setback area.

The exhibit introduced Tuesday morning contains provisions for a 50-foot setback from the high water mark on a property, but allows the county to enlarge the buffer zone distance within guidelines to meet stated water and land conservation criteria.

Exemptions for properties where more than half of the parcel is in the established buffer zone, public roads, some existing parcels, and several other special circumstances are written into the amendment.

Although there has already been a lot of talk about the new riparian setback regulations, now is the time for concerned citizens to make formal comments to the board of commissioners before they make a decision. Commissioner, Mike Nickel, explains the process.

The commissioners will consider the actual adoption of the riparian setback regulations August 20.

A complete copy of the proposed regulations as they are written today is attached at the bottom of this story.

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