RFP Made for Co-Location Facility

Sheridan's Wyoming Technology Business Center is seeking proposals for the design of a building that would house all of the organizations that currently work to promote economic development activities and a thriving local economy here.

Scott Rendall, who's director of the Wyoming Technology Business Center, said that includes not only the center but the Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, the Downtown Sheridan Association, Forward Sheridan, Sheridan Travel & Tourism, the Sheridan Education and Economic Development Association and Phorge Maker Space.

e said the request for proposals is for what's to be called an Innovation Center and Economic Development Co-Location facility that would be located in downtown Sheridan. Rendall said the desire is to be downtown because that's where the clients are.

Rendall said the goal is not to merge the organizations, but to provide a single space for all of them. According to the RFP, which is posted on the Sheridan County website, the various organizations are geographically dispersed in various locations around town.

Most of the organizations, but not all, have dedicated office space, and each is responsible for its own facility costs.

According to the RFP, although the organizations generally have good working relations with one another, communication is sometimes slow, and collaboration opportunities are missed.

Rendall said the Wyoming Technology Business Center is still working on a lot of details, but a potential location has been identified.

Deadline for submitting proposals is April 8, and a design consultant will be selected by the Technology Business Center and Sheridan County.


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