Revenue Committee Meets This Week In Buffalo

Mike Madden, Representative for State House District 40
Mike Madden, Representative for State House District 40

The Wyoming Legislature's Joint Revenue Interim Committee will be meeting Thursday and Friday in Buffalo and will be discussing a number of topics and deciding which, if any, they may bring to the full Legislature early in 2014.

State Representative For House District 40, Mike Madden (R-Buffalo), said the topics the committee will be discussing are all important, but two seem to be getting more attention than others. The tax on beer and the streamlined sales tax, sometimes referred to as the internet tax.

The tax on beer is currently at 2 cents per gallon, which equates to about .18 cents per can of beer, the lowest in the country. That tax has not changed since it was implemented in the 1930s, he said. To bring that tax to equivalent levels for today, it would need to increase to 38 cents per gallon.

Madden said he expects one of three scenarios to happen with the tax: (1) it will remain the same; (2) it will increase a modest amount, to say 6 or 8 cents per gallon; or (3) it might be repealed altogether, as it generates only a modest amount of revenue for the state.

Madden explains more about the other 'high profile” tax to be discussed, the Streamlined Sales Tax, about which the committee will hear a report.

The Interim Committee will discuss these issues and will have one more meeting in October, Madden said, where they will review their Draft Bills and decide which they will bring to the General Legislative Session in January.

This week's meetings in Buffalo will be Thursday and Friday, September 12th and 13th at the Hampton Inn beginning at 8:30am both days.
The public is welcome to attend the meetings.

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