Revenue Committee Downs Tobacco, Wind Power Taxes

Wyoming Legislature's Joint Interim Revenue Committee
Wyoming Legislature's Joint Interim Revenue Committee

The Wyoming Legislature's Joint Interim Revenue Committee is meeting at the Hampton Inn in Buffalo this week, and during yesterday's first day of their two-day meetings, they discussed and voted down two proposed tax increases, one on cigarettes and the other on electricity generated by wind power.

The cigarette tax is currently 60 cents per pack in Wyoming, and the committee, after discussions, had proposed an increase in the tax by $1.25 per pack, but the increase was eventually defeated with nine of the 13 committee members voting against the increase.

The afternoon and evening was set aside for discussions on a proposed increase in the generation tax from electricity produced from wind power in Wyoming.
After hours of discussions including developers of wind power and local interests in counties with existing or proposed wind power facilities, the committee voted not to recommend increasing the tax on electricity produced from those facilities.

The “streamlined sales tax,” a proposed sales tax on remote sales, or internet sales, was also discussed by the committee.
The committee, after discussions, approved the LSO, or Legislative Service Office, to draft a bill, based on the South Dakota law, that can be considered and discussed by the committee at the meeting in November.

Also discussed but sent on to the Legislature for consideration in 2017 was a “cleanup” of an existing bill on local optional sales and use taxes.

There will be more in-depth stories on these and other topics from the Joint Interim Revenue Committee's meetings in the coming days.

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