Representatives With OLC Meet With Stakeholders On Proposed Spray Park

The City of Sheridan and the Sheridan Recreation District recently hired OLC Aquatics out of Denver, Colorado to design a spray/splash park that would be located within Thorne-Rider Park. Representatives from OLC toured Thorne-Rider Tuesday, and met with City and Recreation District officials about site and design options that ranged anywhere from $200,000 to $400,000. It was agreed upon that out of the three proposed locations, it would be best to build the spray park where the sand volleyball court currently sits.

Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey says the size of the spray park is still yet to be determined.

The decision was also made to use a water recirculation system instead of a flow through system, as it was calculated that a flow through system would use 62,000 gallons of water in an eight hour day of operation. Mayor Kinskey stated that they would like to have the spray park open in time for the 2nd annual Taste of Sheridan in August. Bob McDonald with OLC said that in order to have the park done and functioning by that time, a decision needs to be made soon.

While I agree completely

While I agree completely with the comment regarding other deteriorating streets, you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time. Our rotting infrastructure has been a result of years worth of oversight and vision. In addition, our future isn't based on "tourists reactions" will be based on how well we use our resources to attract economic vitality. While tourism isn't the big picture---it sure is part of it. Personally, when I'm travelling with my kids, water facilities are one of the first things that raise their eyebrows.

Spray Park

I've commented before on this subject, but a couple of things should be considered before this project is set in stone. Has the P&R Department considered a "design/build" contract? This would allow them to opt out of the project if they choose not to proceed at a later date. Hiring a design firm only insures the expenditure is made irrespective of whether the project gets built or not. They should consider this option before any more monies are expended. If their current contract does not allow them to opt out for any reason, all the more reason to re-write the agreement.

A spray park in this climate is only going to be useable for a maximum of 60 days per season. The rest of the year it's just going to be too cold and the investment is going to just site there and deteriorate. Think about this. A quarter of a million dollar investment only usable 17% of the time, left to deteriorate 83% of the time. Also, these parks are only for school-aged children, that's pre-teen. Does Sheridan really have a need to expend this level of funding on a questionable recreational activity for such a limited demographic.

Also, what is the annual maintenance cost going to be. This should be determined by the design staff and disclosed "prior" to even completion of the design phase. These are expensive to maintain over a period of several years folks. Also, how long with the rubber surface last through the annual freeze & thaw cycles of northern Wyoming?

Even in a prosperous economy I would thing twice about such an expenditure in a community the size of Sheridan.

need to wake up ppl

I knew that this was a "tourist" town...but to have the thought of the future of this community based on a tourists reaction above the well-being of our own town, is absurd and sick. The funds being spent on such a non-necessity as a water park and the North Main street garbage projects could and should be better utilized making this town a better place for those who live here above those who visit maybe a week. Has anyone on the board driven any of the town roads other than Main lately? Lewis is deteriorating, as are so many others in this community but they only pay attention to Main and Coffeen....seriously, talk about a MAJOR waste of taxpayer's money!!!!!

J. S. Luckjohn

Absolutely!!! Not only for

Absolutely!!! Not only for the youth in town, but those that travel with kids as well. Let's be hones, when you're on the road with kids in the heat of the summer, wouldn't it be nice to have a place such as this to cool off....or even something for the "youngen's" to do when staying over. Keep up the momentum. This IS AN INVESTMENT for the future!!

Behind you 100%

What a great idea! We need more in this town for the Sheridan youth and for visitors to our area.

As a mom of 3, I appreciated what Sheridan Rec Department does for our youth. They provide inexpensive opportunities for our children. This will add to their list.

Thank you Sheridan Rec Department and thank you Mayor Kinskey for supporting this idea.

Yes Mayor Kinskey, thank you

Yes Mayor Kinskey, thank you for choosing to terminate the employment of city empoyees so someone's child has a water park to play in...well done indeed! I would also like to thank the city council for another surprising unanimous vote regarding this, weird.

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