Representative Rosie Berger Spends Week With Joint Appropriations Committee; Heads to National Conference of State Legislators

Last week, the Joint Appropriations Committee for the Wyoming State Legislature met to prepare their recommendations for the upcoming Budget Session which starts a week from today.

Representative Rosie Berger spent the week with her fellow JAC members, and then hopped on a plane to Savannah, Georgia, where she spent this past weekend for a meeting with the National Conference of State Legislators. Berger says that compared to other states, Wyoming is sitting pretty well.

Berger attributes that to our generous revenues from our natural resources of oil, gas and coal, along with the savings in the Permanent Mineral Trust Fund and our legislators' fiscal conservancy. Berger says that currently 28 states have bankrupted their unemployment funds. Predictions are that by the end of this Fiscal Year, that number could rise to 44 states, but Wyoming is not one of them.

As for the JAC's work last week, Berger says they spent more time than anticipated on agencies.

And Berger says that philosophically, they need to look at areas of how much to they save, how much do they spend, and how do they stimulate Wyoming's economy.

Berger and our other delegates will be checking in with us throughout the Budget Session to let us know how these issues are being addressed.

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