Representative Madden Comments on Teacher Tenure Legislation

Wyoming State Representative Mike Madden
Wyoming State Representative Mike Madden

A proposed bill that will come before the Wyoming Legislature during the upcoming General Session next month would eliminate teacher tenure in Wyoming. Representative Mike Madden sits on the Education Committee, and he says that the bill has a lot of strong support.

Co-sponsor of the bill Senator Hank Coe, has proposed that all teachers be evaluated every year and their contracts renewed accordingly. Annual teacher evaluations have also been written into a proposed school accountability bill. Such evaluations are essential, regardless of the tenure issue.

The 2011 General Session will convene January 11.

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Get rid of NCLB

Get rid of No Child Left Behind, the legislation requiring students to be taught at the lowest level of that of their peers. Let teachers "teach" a subject past the point of teaching to pass the PAWS or whatever state test and quit holding them back on how they would teach should they have a choice. I'm sure us older folk had teachers we remember as standouts and their teaching methods allowed us to learn the subject matter and it stuck with us. There are many teachers out there who, I think, had idealistic aspirations when they chose their professions, then got out out in the classroom only to find out their hands were tied and their choices limited in they way they could teach. All thanks to No Child Left Behind. This legislative act, in my opinion, not only has been detrimental to the teachers, but trickled down to the students they teach.

There is some merit to this

There is some merit to this argument but.......! Why are you blaming the teachers for the students lack of motivation to learn. You fail to take into account that teaching is a thankless job that is being burdened more and more to take on the jobs that parents and society fail to teach. What does Madden mean by failing to teach, has he ever been in a classroom? What about the parents who fail to teach there children basic skills before entering school? What about the parents who fail to discipline there child and then wonder why they can't behave in the classroom. What about the parent who gives them anything they ask for just to shut them up or use video games or tv's as a babysitter? It's time to rethink education but I think it should be rethunk starting at home! Start holding the parent and student accountable too! If they fail to do there job as a parent maybe they should be penalized too!

please change my what ever from I hear voices to SAY WHAT! hope you can do this for thanks.

"teaching is a thankless

"teaching is a thankless job" ? I don't know if I agree with that.. I give thanks to my teachers often. One thing I will say is Sheridan had a first rate education system when I went to school.. Here is how I know, I've lived in a few places across America with my job. I make friends who are my age, and who have gone to school in different places.. As you talk over casual conversation you start to see how they missed out on a lot of basic education, History, Social Studies, Science, Math, and Health. I owe it all to the teachers who took the time to stand in front of class and go over these topics again and again.. I will also say that without my education that started in Sheridan I would not have the great job that I have currently enjoyed in the past twenty years. I wasn't the greatest student, was by far not a top performer but I never gave up. I graduated and went on to pursue higher education, where I quickly learned what an asset it was to have had the kind of education I received in Sheridan. A lot of what I got out of life was a direct result of all my teachers.

I agree, we are very lucky

I agree, we are very lucky to have an excellent school system in Sheridan. The large majority of teachers go far and above, the schools all newer and in great condition. I think in general people here value education and support teachers. I know my teachers worked very hard to teach me (even if I didn't), and even though I was a poor student I ended up with a decent education. Having said that the educational system of the nation as a whole is a disgrace. Parents and society in general place little value on education, buildings are often in disrepair, and students are leaving school without even basic knowledge of history, math, science, or even personal finances.


I really don't want to get into the parenting aspect of this. Of course parenting is an issue! There are so many single-parent families, parent(s) that use electronic babysitters (video games, etc.), parent(s) that use money to get their kids out of the house, parent(s) that don't have enough money to properly provide for their children, and parent(s) that prefer drugs over parenting that a person would be able to write pages regarding parenting as an issue. The question was about teachers. I stand by my comments. There definitely is a problem with SOME teachers and yes, we do have some very good teachers. As only one example, one of my kids ended up with a grade on one test with a 49%, the class average was only 51%, I seriously doubt that can be attributed to parenting. I know of some college students that had to drop classes because the instructor's had such a foreign accent that the students could not understand the lectures so got nothing out of them. Parenting?

I support this!

It is way past the time this was done. They want increased teachers pay nationwide but American students are not even coming close to the students of far lesser nations. I think pay raises should be based only on the quality of education being provided. If you fail to teach, you get no raise. If you continually fail to teach, you don't keep your job. This most definitely needs to apply at the college level also.

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