Representative Cynthia Lummis Discusses Health Care Summit

Saying that it is truly a "philosophical debate," U.S. Representative Cynthia Lummis called Sheridan Media Thursday to voice her impression of the Health Care Summit held in Washington D.C.

On one hand, Lummis says, the decision to televise the Summit was nothing more than "window dressing." She added that rumors around Washington are that the Summit was nothing more than an opportunity to play it out on television, and that the Democrats do intend to use the reconciliation process, which is a procedural maneuver in the Senate. On the other hand, however.

She says that Senator Enzi used the example of his own small business in Gillette to illustrate how difficult it was to search for the right plan at the right price. She also said that many options would be far better than 111 government agencies at the federal level approving your health insurance policy, and then saying if you don't buy a government-approved policy they would fine you.

In Lummis' opinion, are there any parts of the bill on which there is agreement on both sides?

Lummis says that she really hoped the Summit would have set the framework for a step-by-step approach to affordability, portability and addressing pre-existing conditions.

As for what we as constituents can do? Lummis says to call and write your legislators and to "push the re-set button" to talk about health care on a step-by-step approach so that lawmakers can turn their attention to jobs and the economy.

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