Reports of Mountain Lions South Of Sheridan Have Surfaced On the Internet Recently

The Internet is a very powerful tool. It can be used for many things, including obtaining and passing along information; however, not all of the information is accurate. Such is the case with a number of photos reportedly taken just south of Sheridan that shows five mountain lions on the prowl. Game and Fish Information Specialist Warren Mischke.

Mischke says that emails containing the pictures have been showing up in his inbox from all over the state.

If you do happen to spot any kind of large predator-type animal in the area, the Game and Fish encourages that you contact them immediately and let them investigate the issue rather than taking matters into your own hands.

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They are territorial animals

They are territorial animals and maintain home ranges of up to 100 miles, so the question is, where did he come from?

wildlife in Sheridan

I would assume that the idiots who post above about killing the wildlife are not natives to Sheridan or Wyoming. Evidently you didn't like where you lived so moved here and now trying to dictate how our area resides with all wildlife... If you dont like the deer and coyotes and others in your yard move the hell back to where you came from. I am a hunter of big game during SEASON. I enjoy seeing the deer in my yard. We moved outward from city proper and have taken over their time long trails. If they become a hazard the game and fish need to trap and transport away from town....NOT have an archery season in the city limits. My pots and pans go to work outside during that and very early in the morning.

As my wife often says about

As my wife often says about the Deer in our yard; they didn't move into our territory, we moved into theirs.

Mountain Lions

I just received this email as well, but it said that they had been seen on Casper Mountain...

Get a Load of This....

Call me crazy, but on the drive into Sheridan from Story a couple of weeks ago, after merging from the back road onto the main drag that turns into Coffeen, I saw, in that first HUGE field to the left that you come upon, a WOLF, loping across the field. The field was white with snow, so his large black w/mottled gray hide was hard to miss. I pulled over on the side of the road to watch, because I couldn't believe my eyes. Oddly enough, when I pulled the car over he stopped, turned, and looked right at me. He was out in the middle of the field (not near the road), so he WAS a ways away, but there was no mistaking WHAT he was. Call me crazy....

Wolves in the Bighorns

That doesn't suprise me one bit. I have seen and documented wolves in the Bighorns for years now. The first one I saw was near Tensleep Canyon in 2002. I then found tracks above Buffalo and most recent near Black Mountain lookout above Dayton. I have taken photos of my findings and presented them to G&F and the USFWS. Both confirmed they were wolves. I have a couple of the photos on my website. http://wyomingcoonhound.tripod.c...

COOL! I think that is so

COOL! I think that is so awesome! Sure they are dangerous, but we are so lucky to live in a place where wildlife is plentiful and free.

Over harvest of adult male lions

If this pic was taken in Johnson-Sheridan County it would indicate A overharvest of adult male lion because they usually bring the moralty rate up on kittens. Weve seen this in this area about 20 years ago.

Legit Source

Your looking at a female that has succesfully raised 4 kittens to sub adult age very uncommon but true. This many cats in a troop has been seen before in the last 20 years

What about G & F, the media, and bears?

I would offer to all of us to question anything printed by media with sources from G & F! This past year alone were several articles in several papers in our area, (Sheridan, Buffalo and Gillette concerning an apparent explosion in bear problems!) I have saved each and every article! Game and Fish is quoted as chiding "residents" as the root of this problem as they are not "cooperating" by taking down bird feeders, and washing our barbecues with bleach after each use! Reporters sort of agreed with this, even went as far as one stating... "How stupid I was, leaving food wrappers in my car... etc when I visited Story!" Valid points to be sure! However...Did Game and Fish provide full and credible facts to these reporters about bears in our area? Further, did reporters do full and credible research before reporting Game and Fish rhetoric, (simply rubber stamping all that Game and Fish provided?) Hardly on both counts! I have in my computer actual photos of FOUR bears with tags in thier ears, taken this past year... and within the confines of Story! (One bear had TWO tags, which indicates it was caught and released twice?) Can you show me any text in which the Game and Fish explains their 'catch and release program' for errant bears? One of these tagged bears was caught it's second time in Story! (It was indeed depridated this time) But the property owner was not informed how this tagged bear managed to be in this area in the first place! (Much less that there were at least THREE MORE of them here!) Tagged bears are previously caught bears and then released back into the wild, with an earnest attempt by the Game and Fish not to depridate, (kill), them. This is a difficult thing to do as on one hand the Game and Fish possesses a difficult problem with no viable solutions. All will agree that Game and Fish is responsible for our safety when considering predatory animals.. Bear problems abound within each and every mountian range within our State. Kill all of them? Of course not. But for the Game and Fish to state that "non-cooperating residents of Story are the inherent problem to this past summers explosion of errant bears... and for the reporters to simply rubber stamp that thought... is what truly is the problem!? Tagged bears released in foreign areas will attempt to migrate out of their new domain as the dominant resident bears who already live there establish these areas as their own!... thereby causing the newly released bears to fight for this territory! If they lose these fights, they WILL wander, seeking food where ever their noses direct.... (through our towns!?) The article in in the Gillette paper this year validated that a bear caught near Gillette in 2003 was released in a range 300 miles away! In 2009, this very same bear was AGAIN caught near Gillette.... AND THEN RELEASED A SECOND TIME INTO THE BIG HORN MOUNTIANS! Waaa? (When Game and Fish tells me that a bear would NEVER be caught and released twice!?) Mountain lions? Will Game and Fish be honest with THIS growing concern? Will reporters do the correct thing and go deeper into these stories before they sell their papers to us? My knowledge of bears, (file photos of tagged bears), and a phone call to the head bear biologist from our State telling me "I know of no tagged bears being released in the Story area" is quite suspect when we are witnessing these naturally occuring events of predatory critters simply doing what nature intends. Face it, full disclosure will never occur. We simply need to become as aware as we can,if we choose to live in areas belonging to our predators! Want to see my tagged bear photos? They remain in my file! I applaud the Game and Fish for their earnest hard efforts to control this issue, to which there is no plausible solution to "nature being encroached upon my man." I dislike however, the poor manner in which these newspaper articles portray the issue without all the facts, (potentially because the Game and Fish chooses not to release all of them?) Was that portrait of those Mtn Lions in this article genuine? Where was it taken? Get my point?

Why Wyoming?

If you want to be protected from any chance of encountering a wild predator, why live in Wyoming? You should move to a big city where everything that's natural and healthy has been exterminated. Of course, once that's been done, the animal that fills the predator niche in the ecosystem is human and is about a 1,000 times more dangerous and deadly than any wild animal you are likely to encounter in Wyoming.

Mountain lions

Wildlife - yes.
Human danger - no.

Mountain lion in our back yard - Coyote strolling down our street - Rabid skunks in our garage (doggy door) - Bear in Kendrick Park where I walk!

- - - Summertime a few years ago - With our windows open every night I and my kids often heard the screams of fawns and rabbits when killed. I also heard the raspy "scream" of a cougar (mt lion) and I thought no, that couldn't be. I called Law Enforcement to check it out, they said "they didn't find a cougar" at that time.....hmmm...wonder if they ever contacted the G and F authorities for the sake of our and our neighbors'safety?

Few days later a female cougar was killed by G and F and found her lair very close to our house and neighborhood, in a draw near the airport. Our yard backs up to the cemetery and a few "wild" draws and bushy areas....NOT an "uncivilized" area by any means! I used to let my kids play nighttime flashlight tag and soldier games on that very hill, they could've easily been stalked and killed had I realized the dangers there!!!!! This was before we heard the sounds of the cougar and its victims. Also lots of deer in our back yard, therefore food for the cougar!! Who's to say other cougars/offspring won't

Saw a coyote walking down 10th IN TOWN a few years back.

Smelled skunks alot this winter even, we live half block from Big Goose Creek.

Few months ago read reports in Press of coyotes near us near edge of town, old farm area, on Leopard and beyond.

Guess it's every person's responsibility to look out for their own safety in town and out of town. But I gotta wonder about what can and will happen when endangered by these potential predators before Law Enforcement personnel, Animal Control Officer, or G and F personnel can be on the scene.....

So what can we do to protect ourselves before any help arrives (when and if)?

Verified official reports of wolves and grizzlies in Bighorn Mts.

Articles in Press of cougars in Dayton, and last year in nearby field near a man's home in Big Horn. Is expected in the outlying areas, even in town, but only problem is, how can we protect ourselves "legally?"!!!!

Note about WOLVES - Don't agree with ever protecting or reintroduing them. Just what positive effect have they had on the reintroduction of them? Only reports of livestock kills, etc. The general public can't enjoy the wolves after their reintroduction. Sheesh. No logic there, as Glenn Beck says! When living in northern Minnesota few years ago we commonly saw wolves crossing the highway near town, plus firsthand reports of WOLVES KILLING DOGS IN THEIR BACKYARDS AND LEAVING THEM WITHOUT EATING THEM. How horrifying to any pet owners. True. Question - Do you want your wolf protected or your dog?


If I do have a lion or wolf in my backyard, I will not be calling anyone until after I am sure it is dead! It is my property, I have the right to protect my property, including all of my animals. I have killed many fox, skunk, and coon that showed up here. Why would anyone take the time to call the 'officials' while watching a predator stalk any of their animals? By the time the 'officials' do show up, your animal could already be dead and the predator gone. People need to learn how to protect themselves and their property without relying on the government.

o boy

sounds like you need to move to a bigger city my friend. They're not in our habitat...we are in theirs and it's only going to get worse the more this city thinks it needs to expand! They are only doing what comes naturally and should not be condemned for it.

J. S. Luckjohn

Wildlife coming in to town

Wildlife coming in to town should be expected in a place like this. We live in a town surrounded by wild, open countryside. Animals don't know they're not supposed to stay a certain distance away. Coyotes, skunks, bears, wolves, mountain lions, foxes, ect., may wander in to town because of easy pickings as far as food & shelter. The best thing you can do is educate yourself & you family on how to handle encounters with wild animals. Secure your pets, carry protection when hiking, know what to do if you find yourself in a bad situation. It is G&F's job to remove a mountain lion that wanders in to town, but it's not their job to prevent a lion from entering town in the first place- how would they even do that? Same with any other wild critter within city limits. This is WY, the dangers of living with wildlife go with the territory.

Your life is yours alone. Rise up and live it.

Do you realy think the Game

Do you realy think the Game and fish is going to be honest about this? They dont want the public to freak out there is a large growing number in the Sheridan area. Just ask some of the people that live at the foot of the mtn above bighorn.Last summer they were called about an odd acting skunk that was shot there response was dont bring it in they all have rabies. Did you hear about that in the media? Nope not until November.The skunk was killed in June.

Mountain lions

probably a mother lion with 4 adulecent lions.....Probably around Story where it is mainly private land. Leave them be. The young ones will be on their own soon enough. they're not hurting anything and the deer population can be thinned a bit down that way. Just my opinion. Better than a pack of wolves!!

Mountain lions

How can you not see your incorrect thinking?

"Probably around Story where it is mainly private land." My back yard is "private land", see below.

"Leave them be" Mother cougar in our back yard killed by G and F, had a lair nearby in "civilization" and near "noisy" and busy airport?#$!!

Authorized reports of a cougar dragging a child off by the child's head in a crowd of people.

"The young ones will be on their own soon enough." This simply equals adult mountain lions "on their own." More predators in SAME AREA.

"They're not hurting anything." They will. Guaranteed. And in your own back yard. Have any pets? Have children or grandchildren outside your home at any time?

"The deer population can be thinned down a bit that way." Yup, in your own back yard. Love to watch the lovely deer serenely nibbling in your yard? Think again.

"Just my opinion." Opinion is not fact.

"Better than a pack of wolves!!" Not so. Same as a pack of wolves. You'll have those in your back yard soon enough.

Learn. Live. Enjoy.

so what do you suggest?Maybe

so what do you suggest?Maybe killing off the entire species so you can enjoy your tulips?Get over it you live in Wyoming not a major city where the only wildlife are pigeons or rats.

Mountain Lions

Ummm guess you dont know that I have been hunting and studying cougars in the Bighorns for over 10 years. There has never been any report of a cougar attacj on a human in the Bighorns or Wyoming. You will rarely see one unless you have hounds. On the off chance you do see one nearby it is most likely just passing through. If there is a mother and kittens the mother will only kill what she needs to feed her young. A cougars diet mainly consists of deer, rodents, birds, porcupine and the occasional elk. They are not much for cattle or horses. They do like sheep. Yes, they will eat your pet poodle or housecat, but that is rare. And finally if you think that cougars are not as bad as wolves, go move out to the western part of the state and see the distruction they do. As for my private land comment. I stated that because we lion hunters don't have access to that land thus cant run the lions there.

I truly doubt this pic

Mountain lions are solitary animals unless they're siblings or mother with cubs. The do not run in packs. Even if it were a lioness her cubs would have left her long before reaching the age of those in the picture. If you're asking where I obtained such knowledge, I used to work in a zoo where we had 5 mountain lions which I handled quite closely so I had to do my research before I was hired.

J. S. Luckjohn

Mountains Lions

Here kitty, kitty!!

true or not

So were these pictures actually taken near Sheridan or not???

mountain lions

These mountain lion pics actually came from Meeteetse Wy

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