Report: Don't Single Out BP

Antonia Juhasz
Antonia Juhasz

WYOMING NEWS SERVICE, Cheyenne – As the cost for the cleanup effort along the Gulf Coast from the B-P oil spill continues to rise, a new report from Global Exchange, an environmental education organization, takes a look at the industry as a whole when it comes to accidents. The report finds that operating errors and incidents around the globe are more common than the public likely realizes, because most events don't make the news.

Antonia Juhasz from Global Exchange is the report's lead author; she explains that accessing information about environmental and cultural damage connected to oil production is difficult.

Chevron is the front-page feature of this new report, in part, because Johasz's organization and others plan to confront Chevron shareholders at a meeting May 26th. They'll claim another Gulf disaster is likely because oil companies in the area, including Chevron, lack disaster plans.

A Chevron spokesman said this week that one of the company's core values is the safety of employees, contractors and neighbors. Chevron experienced an oil rig fire and well collapse in the Gulf of Mexico in 2008, and chose to seal the site and abandon production because of the dangers.

A panel of US and international experts will be meeting in Houston, TX the last week in May to examine oil company accidents and their impacts.

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