Report Concludes Coal Has Future Beyond Current Uses

A report spearheaded by Sheridan-based Ramaco Carbon has concluded that coal offers significant uses beyond its current uses as a feedstock to fuel power plants or to produce coke for making steel.

The report, produced by the National Coal Council at the request of the U.S. Secretary of Energy, states that advancing new markets for coal can enhance U.S. national defense security, bolster the nation's energy and mineral security, enhance the nation's environmental objectives and contribute to America's economic security.

The coal council has recommended that the Department of Energy pursue three strategic objectives to accelerate U.S. manufacturing of coal-derived products. Those recommendations are that the Department of Energy establish a focused research and development program on coal-to-products, accelerate research-to-commercial deployment in coal-to-products market sectors and incentivize private sector investment in coal-to-products production and manufacturing sectors.

Headed by CEO Randall Atkins, Ramaco Carbon is partnering with others to build the nation's first integrated coal mining, research and advanced manufacturing platform in Sheridan, with a goal of turning coal into advanced carbon products including carbon fiber, graphene, medical and other devices.

Construction, privately funded, has started on the company's first new research facility.

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