Rep. Patton on Courts

Representative John Patton
Representative John Patton

Representative John Patton was the guest for the full hour of Monday's Public Pulse. During the discussion, host Kim Love asked him his thoughts about Sheridan Mayor Dave Kinskey's recent views on possibly doing away with the Municipal Court in Sheridan. Patton said that Mayor Kinskey has a point.

Just last week Patton said, the Joint Judiciary Committee met in Interim Committee and discussed this very issue.

Here for the entire interview with John Patton*

Any fine money collected

Any fine money collected would go to the State of Wyoming. I'm not sure whether or not that money goes straight to the general fund or not. You're right ab out some of those local ordinances. I highly doubt there is a state law to cover everything. I think the ones you listed might very well be good examples. I can see why having the court is a money losing proposition. But getting rid of it all together? I doubt Judge Sampson could handle all of that spill over. It could cause serious problems for Circuit Court.

Why would the mayor have

Why would the mayor have money to pay the police chief $108k a year up from $62k 5 years ago,yet not be able to pay for the court? Sounds like a typical kinskey tactic.


Do you mean eligible?

So whatever happened with

So whatever happened with the investigation into patton not even being elegible for the position he's holding.

elegible to hold office

Why would he not be elegible - he held office before or do you need to see his birth certificate too?


His own party was

His own party was questioning wether the district he ran in,was actually the district he was eligible to run in. Granted those are the same kind of tactics barry used to get into the senate himself.


Unless the borders to his district were changed I would assume he is eligible to run as he has been for years - he must have made his party mad about something -


I am at a loss, if there is

I am at a loss, if there is no more municipal court are laws enforced? and if so what entity gets the money from a fine within the city?

There are state statutes to

There are state statutes to cover most of the municipal offenses. You could still be cited/arrested, the offenses would just be taking place in Circuit Court.

So who would then get the

So who would then get the money from the fine? What if it is say a barking dog, uncut grass etc, where there is no state statute? does the law go unenforced? I live in story so it's none of my business but having a municipal court would seem to me to be a pretty basic responsibility of city government? The city of Sheridan can contemplate a new water park but can't afford court?

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