Red Grade Road to Partially Open

Sheridan County Commissioner Bob Rolston
Sheridan County Commissioner Bob Rolston

The Sheridan County Public Works Department and Sheridan County Commission have announced that Red Grade Road shall be open to the Ranger Station, effective this Friday, May 28th at 8 am. County Commissioner Bob Rolston says that people should keep in mind that the road won't be in the greatest shape when it opens.

Rolston said that they are advising that only 4-wheel drive vehicles use the road due to its muddy condition and the fact that there are large snow drifts that still exist along the route. County officials urge extreme caution, and want the public to know that those who head up the mountain should be aware of the weather forecast before using Red Grade Road.

The county got greedy as

The county got greedy as usual and wanted as much property tax as possible off of the cabins on red grade.So the cabin owners complained and said if you want to charge us high taxes for seasonal properties,then you can start plowing snow on the grade so we can access those properties more.You have county road frome dome lake down,so the county plows snow till the end of november and starts again in may.Your tax dollars at work.

I have been traveling up Red

I have been traveling up Red Grade at least once a month for years and have never seen evidence of plowing except for once each spring and some occasional maintenance.

They've been plowing here

They've been plowing here lately until the end of november if needed.

leave it closed!!

I say leave the road closed until it's cleared and can be used without tearing up the road. Now you'll see 4 wheel drives going up the road to see how far they can go, ripping and tearing as they go. The county could save a little money by waiting for it to dry up and then just use a motor grader and blade the road.

I was on Red Grade last

I was on Red Grade last week, on the 17th. While I was there they had a grader working the road. There was about a foot of snow at the top, but the road was clear. It will probably be muddy, but snow won't be an issue.

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