Random Drug Testing Resolution Passed By City Council

There was plenty of debate by the Sheridan City Council Tuesday night about developing a random drug testing policy for the Sheridan Police and Fire Departments. Council approved a resolution that would direct the Interim Police Chief and Fire Chief to work with their employees on crafting a thorough random drug and alcohol policy. While in favor of a random drug testing policy, Councilor Steve Brantz was opposed to the resolution that was passed.

Councilor Ryan Mulholland stated that the resolution is a declaration of hope.

The resolution calls for a policy to be brought back to the City Council at their next meeting on March 1st. Mayor Dave Kinskey said that this is something that the City needs to stay ahead of since it is the 2nd incident within the last two years.

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Chief and Fire Chief to work

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City Council Tuesday night

City Council Tuesday night about developing a random drug testing policy for the Sheridan Police and Fire Departments. Council approved a resolution that would direct the Interim Police,I heard about this before and this is my first time got the time to read about, it was interesting and useful if you have more detail on this topic kindly share here.kitchen Cabinets

Sheridan City Council Tuesday

Sheridan City Council Tuesday night about developing a random drug testing policy for the Sheridan Police and Fire Departments.I heard about this before and this is my first time got the time to read about,it was interesting and useful if you have more detail on this topic kindly share here.debt settlement

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Drug Testing

Where does the accountability lie? Are you to tell me that two incidence of perscription drug abuse in the Fire House went without notice by all of the fire fighters and EMT's? These folks live and work together. Where are the Captains? Out back with their heads buried in the sand? Where is the discipline? Perhaps the city needs to look closely at the middle management and lack of leadership by those Captains and consider replacing them with compitent and responsible individuals. The accountability lies with the shift Captains and the management of the shift personel below them, not with changing the drug testing policy of the City. Don't waste the time and money with testing that can be cheated. Instead take a look at who are (or are not) managing the people below them.

Drug Testing

I would suppose selling/distributing/trading/giving away prescription drugs would be abuse. I would ask just how anyone else is supposed to know whom is doing what...unless of course they happen to witness the occasion. In that case I would be willing to bet action would be taken. What kind of recourse do the supervisors have, can you answer that? Drug testing is a hit/miss situation at best because someone in a power position controls whom and when. Unless it is random, enforced and not broadcast to the individuals due to be tested it will not work. I would suggest that the drug testing be turned over to an outside entity not connected in any way to our present city government and administrated by this third party. All employees of the city or city govt. shoud be subjected to random testing, but this will never happen. Losts of mirrors and smoke....provides good screening.

I don't think so.

So an employee starts using drugs and it becomes the fault of their supervisor? Brilliant.

Why not drug test?

I find it interesting that our Federal Government promotes a war on drugs. With that stand I would assume that they would random drug test all federal employees. But by assuming that I would probably only be making a fool of myself. If we all truly buy into the war on drugs then why wouldn't you expect our city, county and state government to random test all employees. How can our city be legally restricted to conduct random drug testing? If they make that a requirment of employment there is no infringement or envasion of a persons privacy. Private employers are creating drug free workplaces where they random test. An employer is eleigble for up to a 5% discount from workers comp if they have and enforce a drug free policy. It has been proven that substance free workers are safer, more productive and all around better employees. Why wouldn't the city want to have a substance free work place. I don't know if the city pays State of Wyoming Workers Comp but if they do and they would implement a Drug Free Policy they could qualify for the discount which helps to offset the cost they incur with the random drug tests.

Bunch of waisted time and BULL$#!%^

This so called perfect town is starting to show it's cracks under the blanket of BS they have showered on the people for years! I recall that several years ago thay had a big debate over random testing and now we find out that wasn't the case at all! What happened to all the time and money they said they put into the testing? Why is is coming up again after saying they where testing all employee's? They made a big issue of the cost of each test what happened to all that budgeted money? Did it disappear like the money they allocatted for new equipment? I guess like Mayor Jim and Della said, put a new coat of paint on the old junk and the people will never know! The perfect little town has grown and with it the corruption and problems that follow! Like the sign sez>>>>> Pay taxes on election day!

drug tests should be all or no one

unbelievable that teachers, politicians, did i say teachers? at all levels! police-firefighters-emt's paramedics do not drug test....my husband drives a truck under a CDL and is subject to mandatory random drug test.he has never been arrested or failed a test but the people that administered the test would go into the stall and watch him pee. that's creepy and illegal. they have changed their policy.
if i want to work at walmart or kmart or flip burgers, i would have to pee in a bottle what's wrong with everyone else. liberty and justice for all.
although i do think the marijunia laws are antiquated and a major drain on the economy, prison system, and the local police. and since our current administration loves to spend our money think of the income from permits and dispensaries. more of the same in washington dc, well, we are going to have to do bad things to pay our debts. when Bush changed the bankruptcy laws did it count on a national level? China's selling off our debts what's next, japan takes over.
pee test police and firefighters and teachers and everyone. or dont test anyone at all.

Subdivision replats

Mr. Jones

Thank you for your comments but I need to clarify something. The council did not approve anything to do with subdivision replats Monday night. I would like to meet with you personaly if we can arrange a time and go over what we did approve . Please feel free to contact me and we can set up a time that will work for both of us.

Steve Brantz
Councilor Ward #3

What you approved steve is

What you approved steve is the second reading of three readings.We all know that you'll approve third reading on march 1st also.There's no sense in discussing it,It's a done deal.Kinskeys never met a developer he didn't like or wasn't willing to cater to and this is all the replat is about.If you honestly believed in transparency of goverment,you'd have already voted no twice

Drug Testing

Yes, the City does pre-employment drug testing. It clearly states so on the door of City Hall when you walk in. Duh!


I agree...ALL government employees should be tested. I don't care if they are city, state or federal. And I don't care of job title, of you fail your done! They should probably even go for the hair sample even.

I'm pretty shocked to learn

I'm pretty shocked to learn that city workers, especially workers such as police officers and fire men/women, have not been subject to ramdom testing all along! Grocery store clerks & retail workers have to be drug tested!! And we're not testing law officers, fire men, ect???!!!

Why is Kinskey all for

Why is Kinskey all for random testing when he himself refused to take a Breathalizer after getting caught drunk driving?


Mr. Jones once again makes a living off spreading utter bull crap. I cannot imagine what your shoes smell like.

When you are pulled over for a DUI, you have the option of providing a breath test or having your blood drawn.

Has absolutely nothing to do with employee random drug testing.


blood draw

Actually....you do NOT have the option of breath or blood draw. That is up to the officer. You are not required to give a breath sample or blood sample for that matter. The officer will only ask for a blood sample if he suspects you are under the influence of a drug instead of alcohol. Otherwise, the only time you will give a blood sample is if you wish to pay for one yourself after submitting to the officers tests.


Why can private/public companies do testing as a condition of employment, have random testing and the city cannot?

I think all city employees should be required to have random testing. From the Mayor on down. I do not see this happening as those in power and can implement this will not.

I have gone through drug screening, background checks numerous times and have no problem with it.

There has been one charge in my memory of 60 plus years of an individual being a drug user in either dept. that has come to light. So why all the hulabaloo now, maybe it takes attention away from the actions of the mayor and council in their hiring of a police chief.......

Oh great. This is yet

Oh great. This is yet another conspiracy from the mayor. The mayor forced someone to give prescription pills to another person -- and all because the mayor and city council want to deflect attention away from the hiring of the new police chief. The earthquake in Haiti is Kinskey's fault! The lack of snow at the Olympic games is Kinskey's fault! I have a hangnail! It's Kinskey's fault! good grief.

Pretty ironic that Mr.

Pretty ironic that Mr. Brantz has an issue with drug testing,yet has no problem passing an ordinance doing away with public comment before city council concerning subdivision replats.

Pretty Ironic

That once again you are making a smart comment and are once again ill informed. Did you pay attention to the councilman's vote. He is for drug testing. He voted against the proposal because he wanted more time to review whether or not additional city employees should be included in the policy. I don't know if you just cannot comprehend simple things or if you just choose to sound stupid.

This latest firefighter

This latest firefighter named Joy,is unique in that mommy and daddy are well connected and this whole thing will go no where.

Random Drug testing

To clarify my position on the random Alcohol and Drug testing for police and fire department employees. If the city plans to use " safety Sensitive" as testing criteria I believe we may have mistakingly excluded some other employees. It was my opinion that we needed to look at extending the reach of a random drug and alcohol policy beyond just the two groups identified. I have been told we are legaly restricted from drug testing every employee. Too bad I would whole heartily support this.
I voted nay for passing this resolution because I felt it needed further discussion.

Steve Brantz
Councilor Ward #3

Listen Please

Are you folks not listening to what the councilor said? Every employee cannot be tested, period. Courts have ruled on this. It is not anything open for debate or discussion. They can make anyone do a pre-employment drug test that must be passed as a condition of employment. But they cannot force everyone to do randoms.

Test everyone

You may not be allowed to test every employee. However, you dont have to limit the "random" drug test to just the two departments. Have random drug testing for ALL city employees. I dont want some high or drunk plow operator plowing into my house or vehicles, just as much as i dont want an intoxicated or high police officer or fire fighter.


How are you legally restricted???

Who sets the conditions of employment?? everywhere I've worked every employee has been subject to random testing? Every employee should have been given the drug/alcohol testing policy when they signed on to work for the city. You have to take a drug test to get hired I hope, hell maybe the city is the place to work!!! party all night and drive the ambulance or a lawn tractor by day!!

drug testing

I agree that the PD and SFR should have random testing. These are good men and women that have nothing to hide. However, if you are going to require random testing on these two public safety entities then I think Rocky Mountain Ambulance should do it also (if they aren't already). They should be held to the same standards. If you live in the county you don't get a choice for SFR to come to your aide so I want the same piece of mind that Rocky's employees are drug free also.

This is a step in the right

This is a step in the right direction, but this seems like the fox being on guard at the hen house.. Any random drug and alcohol testing needs to be done by an independent outside source.. I've worked in places where people knew ahead of time when the test was.. Happens all the time..

Random drug testing is a

Random drug testing is a joke.There's too many holes in random drug testing and the time duration between testing allows for plenty of time for drug abuse without detection.

Drugs such as cocaine are out of your system within 3 days of use and are easily missed by random drug tests even though the person being tested may be a chronic abuser.

All this really is,is council going through the motions of doing something,when in reality they're doing nothing.

RJones- If you get quality

RJones- If you get quality tests, you can test more drugs and can detect drugs even after it has been a few days. And of course you may not be able to catch someone on the first time but that is why it is random. Eventually, a person will be caught if the random testing is in fact truly random. And as for cocaine, if you are a habitual user it can stay in your urine for 12 weeks!


What in the world are you talking about?

Cocaine is one of the fastest drugs to leave your system and does so within hours. There is a metabolite left in the body that could still be detected a few days after. But 12 weeks? No way.

Random testing works if the person doesn't cheat on the test. If they flush their system correctly or bring in someone else's urine, it doesn't matter how good the test is.

5-7 days if you are a

5-7 days if you are a habitual user is what I meant. I have no idea what I was talking about. Thanks for pointing it out!

Skip the urine test, and opt

Skip the urine test, and opt for hair sample tests.


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