Ranchester Town Council Discusses Law Enforcement

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Ranchester Mayor Allan Moore
Ranchester Mayor Allan Moore

Tuesday night's Ranchester Town Council meeting got underway with the swearing in of new Councilor's Krista Thompson and Chris Bernard, as well as new Mayor Allan Moore. The meeting then shifted to several complaints that maintenance Supervisor Bob Miller expressed, in particular, unruly and vicious dogs that have been making it tough for the sanitation crew to do their job.

Another issue that was briefly discussed what to do about the Town's law enforcement situation, or lack there of says Mayor Allan Moore.

The Council plans on addressing the law enforcement issue in greater detail at a future meeting.

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I would be careful about dog

I would be careful about dog enforcement. The normal thing for a town to do is to require a License. Let me tell you, a licensed dog will bite just as hard as an unlicensed dog.

Pleae be fair and just. Remember that we are a small community and enjoy our lives.

Every morning, I set out on the porch and enjoy a cup of coffee. I don't care if it's 80 or -5. I'm setting there. My dog and me will set there for about 10 minutes and a neighbor dog will come up on the porch. He'll set and I'll pet him, my dog will fuss over him. We enjoy a moment or two. Then, he'll leave. About 5 minutes later, another neighbor dog will come up and visit. This little girl is special and wants her belly rubbed. About 5 minutes of that and she's gone. A few minutes later a BIG German Shepherd comes up. She just requires some scratchin and a little petting. Then she leaves. This is a morning ritual, please don't spoil it.

I've traveled all over Ranchester on my 4 wheeler and have never had a dog chase me. My dog rides on the back and several times I've stopped and let her down so she could meet the other dogs. Never has there been a fight. Don't spoil it.

We live in a small community. I think that a word here or there should take cre of the problem. Don't pass one of those stupid city ordinances that we all will regret in the future.



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