Ranchester Town Council Addresses CAP Tax Resolution

The Ranchester Town Council held their second regular November meeting last night. Council voted to donate $100 toward the annual Ranchester-Dayton Rotary Senior Citizen Dinner. Mayor Cliff Clevenger explains.

Town engineers gave the Council information regarding the annexation of the 10-acre Spirit Ridge subdivision into Sheridan County School District 1. The school is content to wait until January or February for Council to write the annexation ordinance and pass it on three readings.

In other action, Council passed a resolution to forward money against the CAP Tax for construction projects in the town.

Mayor Clevenger indicates that when he was compiling the list of needs that CAP Tax monies could go toward, he stopped just short of $11 million. Ranchester's share of the CAP Tax allotment will be $1.75 million. The mayor will sign the resolution after all the Council members have a chance to fully review and understand it.

Ranchester Fire Protection

Bev Stahl of the Ranchester Town Council asked that an agenda item be added for the Tongue River Fire Department to discuss the agreement between the Town and the Tongue River Fire Protection District for fire protection for the town. Rita Cherni-Smith of the Tongue River Fire Protection District presented a draft agreement to the Town of Ranchester. She also stated that the Town of Ranchester has a few options:

1. The Town is not obligated by statute to provide fire protection for its citizens and therefore the Town can do nothing, which will result in higher insurance premiums for all of the town residents.

2. The Town may contract with another entity like Dayton, in which case that entity is more than 5 miles from the town and again the town residents will face higher insurance premiums

3. The Town may consider the agreement that the Tongue River Fire Protection District has offered.

Rita then concluded by asking the town to offer additions or subtraction to the agreement by the Dec 1st Town Council Meeting and the Council agreed and additionally agreed to have a work session on December the 2nd.

Should be interesting trying

Should be interesting trying to get $1.75 million in cap tax,when sheridan county is currently down by 21% in sales tax revenue,as compared to last year and we aren't even close to being finished with this economic depression.


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