Ranchers Wary Of moving bison to Guernsey park

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) - Some ranchers are opposed to a proposal to move 14 wild Yellowstone bison to a state park in southeast Wyoming, despite assurances from state officials that the animals are free of an animal disease that can cause abortions among cattle.
Wyoming suggested Guernsey State Park as a possible home as Montana seeks to move them out of a Gardiner, Mont., quarantine facility and avoid their slaughter. Montana is also considering sending another 74 bison to billionaire Ted Turner's ranch in that state.
Eastern Wyoming's ranching community is skeptical about
introducing the animals in an area that's free of brucellosis. Fears over the disease helped sink an earlier attempt to move the quarantined animals to Wyoming's Wind River Indian Reservation. State and federal officials say the bison have been tested extensively for brucellosis and see no risk in releasing the animals elsewhere.
Montana and Wyoming are both conducting environmental
assessments of the Guernsey proposal. The Wyoming part of Montana's plan has been overshadowed by debate over the proposal to move 74 bison to Turner's 113,000-acre ranch south of Bozeman.

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There are bison living on a commercial bison ranch outside of Wheatland, they have not been a problem, why would these bison cause a problem. This is a state park, and thus all of the residents of the state of WY should have a say in why we DO want them on OUR land. There are bison all over WY, Terry Bison ranch is another, they are a part of our countries heritage and the pure bison DNA genetics of these bison from Yellowstone make them valuable. IMO Bison should be on the endangered species list, the pure bison is not a commercial animal, and the gene pool needs to be protected and put in other areas to preserve them. Many commercial herds may have cattalo dna. There are plenty of places a hunter can go shoot a buffalo, a rare bison should not be one of them.

buffalo move

if these buffalo have been tested extensively and are proven to be brucellosis free, i think that to move these animals to Guernsey State Park would be a great idea. these animals used to roam free on this same land in the old days. hey after all, we can reintroduce wolves to the area that totally destroy every living creature they see. why not bring back a creature that used to roam here that does not destroy anything? what a cool thing for our kids to see!!! lets do something good for a change. i think its a great idea.

The buffalo need to be thinned out.

There is an over-abundance of buffalo, the taxpayers have paid a lot of money to quarantine these animals and now nobody but Ted Turner wants them, the powers-that-be hire government hunters to shoot them and then give the meat to the Indians, the government pays to round them up and pays for the processing only to give the meat to the Indians, the government pays to haze them back into the Park, the government pays for damages caused by the buffalo, and the list goes on. At the current price of a bison tag, just think how much money could be made by the government if only they would let the sport hunters buy the tags, pay their own processing, and get the joy of the hunt and the meat.


If you Wyoming people really cared about the disease you would close your feedlots. Prove to me that Bison have EVER or WILL ever pass the disease without human intervention, THEN maybe you have a leg to stand on but until then you are all like crying over the wrong entity. You can't get pregnant in a swimming pool when you are the only one in it.


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