Ramaco Hopes to Start Plant Construction Next Summer

Ramaco Carbon LLC is hoping that construction could start next summer on its proposed Sheridan County facilities centered north of Sheridan at the Acme Exit.

Randall Atkins, chairman and CEO of Ramaco Carbon, said that's the site of the company's iPark.

Construction is conditional on rezoning the area to allow light industrial use, and Atkins said the company plans to start the rezone process soon.

As Sheridan Media reported earlier, Ramaco has formed a production partnership agreement with Carbon, a Silicon Valley-based 3D manufacturing company, with plans for Ramaco to produce a variety of products and component parts for third parties using Carbon's high-speed 3D printers. Atkins explained.

He said Carbon is probably regarded as the most advanced company involved in high-speed 3D manufacturing. He said Ramaco's plan is that the products manufactured at the facilities in Sheridan County will ultimately be derived from carbon resins that come from coal.

He said the interesting part of Ramaco's proposal is that the company would create the world's only combined resource, research and manufacturing center.

He said the iPark site is very near the Brook Mine, and Ramaco is hopeful that at some point the necessary permits will be secured that will allow Ramaco to operate the mine. But he said in the meantime, the company can start manufacturing using resins supplied by third parties.


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