The "Wage Project" Workshop is Coming to Sheridan

This Saturday, women in the workforce, or those considering entering or re-entering the workforce, are invited to a workshop to learn about negotiating fair wages.

Sponsored by the Sheridan Branch of the American Association of University Women, in partnership with The Wyoming Women's Foundation and Sheridan College, spokesperson Val Burgess tells us.

Statistically, Burgess indicates, women in Wyoming earn 33% less than men, on average; women-owned businesses rank in the bottom 5% nationally; 27% of all households in Wyoming are headed by a single female; single-mother families constitute 44.2% of all Wyoming families in poverty; 21.9% of women between 18-64 years old are without health insurance.; and only 14 of the 90 available legislative seats are currently held by women.

That being said, however, Burgess says that men might find the workshop helpful as well.

The Wage Project will be held at 10 and again at noon on Saturday, February 27th in the Computer Lab, Room 139A (C-Tel entrance) in the Sheridan College Whitney Building. To register or for more information, call Kay Pearson at (307) 672-5989 or Dr. Juanita Unhoch at (307) 750-2419.

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Wage Project Seminars

The Wage Project Seminars on February 27th at 10:00 and 12:00 are free to all participants. Members at Sheridan College, Ms. Burgess, Ms. Kinskey, Ms. Pearson and Dr. Unhoch have all volunteered their time and efforts towards this free workshop.

You'd be hard pressed to

You'd be hard pressed to find a better speaker then Val Burgess.Annually she manages to milk the city for at least $100k in wages,plus is on the Whitney benefits board.

Milk the city

I think you should go to a city council meeting and learn that
most of the dollars are pass through dollars and pay for advertising for Sheridan Travel & Tourism - her income is substantially less.

If men were smart they too

If men were smart they too would show up to listen in on these tactics of higher wages for women. Counter intelligence is worth its weight in gold. I’ve seen these under minding tactics in play and in my opinion its borderline unethical to try and segregate a job interview approach..

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