"Man With the Jawless Face" to Give Presentation at Tongue River High School

The students at Tongue River Elementary School will have the opportunity next Tuesday, February 9th, to hear a very unique presentation that could possibly save their lives. Erin Kilbride is with the Tongue River Valley Community Center, but also serves on the Sheridan County Tobacco Coalition and the Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention. She describes next week's speaker.

Kilbride says that Von Behrens is traveling around the state with his message. Interesting to note, Tongue River High School has the highest student smokeless tobacco use in Sheridan County, so Von Behren is targeting his message there. However, along with TRHS, students from Sheridan High School and Big Horn High School, and perhaps the other junior high schools in the county may attend as well.

Being the "man with the jawless face," Kilbride says it should be interesting to observe how Von Behrens communicates.

Gruen Von Behrens' presentation at Tongue River High School will be held Tuesday, February 9th at 2 pm. It is free, and the public is welcome to attend.

Smokeless Tobacco

I believe this type of education about the consequences of using tobacco, either cigarettes or chew, will have the most postive and effective impact on our elementary children. Let them know this could happen to them if they choose to use tobacco. Yes, let's scare the h--- out of them. Because it doesn't seem as if any of the other types of tobacco education for our youth has worked.


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