"Longmire" Pilot on A & E - Part 2

 Craig Johnson
Craig Johnson

Monday we reported that Sheridan / Johnson County author Craig Johnson's Walt Longmire mysteries have been picked up by the cable television network A & E. Producers are set to begin shooting a pilot series called "Longmire." Mary Jo Johnson continues her discussion with Craig about the project.

In speaking with Craig about why A & E chose his work on which to base a pilot series, he told us that one reason is because there are not really any modern-day westerns on television.

Shooting of the pilot begins in late February or early March, and while the series is set in our neck of the woods, it will be filmed in New Mexico.

I personally had never heard of Las Vegas, New Mexico, but some pretty high profile films and television shows were shot there, including parts of Easy Rider, No Country Old Men, and Wild Hogs, just to name a very few. In fact, the town is known as "America's Oldest Film Location."

A rather unusual aspect of this project is that Craig has had considerable input into the scriptwriting, despite having sold the rights to the books.

As for who may play the title role? Craig is bound to secrecy until it's officially cast. Rats!

Joining many, many friends and fans in wishing Craig and his wife, Judy hearty congratulations on this new adventure, for sheridanmedia.com news, I'm Mary Jo Johnson reporting.

Craig Johnson/Walt Longmire

My daughter bought for me his book "The Cold Dish" for Christmas. Three days after starting this book, I finished it! Chores and duties got neglected but I can always catch them back up. Very good reading, thank you daughter and you too, Mr. Johnson.


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