Questions Over Hill's Resignation

Questions Over  Hill's Resignation

(AP) Cindy Hill, the Republican candidate for state
superintendent of public instruction resigned as an assistant
principal in Cheyenne after the district reportedly decided not to offer her a new contract.
The Casper Star-Tribune obtained documents that show that Cindy Hill's name didn't appear on the annual list of administrators to be rehired. The list was compiled Feb. 8 and Hill resigned on Feb. 28.
Hill's former boss, Ted Adams, who ran against Hill for the Republican nomination, told the paper that principals had
considered Hill an underperforming employee for several years and decided against hiring her this year.

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This is a comment I read on

This is a comment I read on another site, but they express my views fairly well:

I lean fairly right, but since the beginning I have felt as though Massie is the better canidate in this race. His views on important issues are clearly stated and they seem to be in the best interest of our schools. I don't agree with Hill's stance on charter schools; I think it will ultimately hurt out public school system.

Hill has been running her campaign focused around the importance of accountability. I find it odd that she is unwilling to release her performance records as an example of how accountability benefits the state. We aren't asking for medical history or other very personal information, just performance reviews. If Hill really has 26 years of dedicated services as she claims, one would think she would be proud of such a record and gladly turn over reviews. As it stands, it appears as though she has something that portrays her in a less flattering light. Her excuse that by turing over her performance files she would be setting a precedence for records of other state employees is to be requested is just silly. In a suspicious situation, they oftern times are.

It appears as though Hill has something to hide. Why did she wait so long to present her platform? Why has she declined so many public debates with her opponent? Why won't she sends up warning flags. As voters we should be cautions when considering Hill.

That's what they say!

That's what they say......Those who can't teach become administrators and those who can't do that become the Superintedent of Public Instruction!

please change my what ever from I hear voices to SAY WHAT! hope you can do this for thanks.

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