Health Supervisor Speaks To Board

Health Supervisor Speaks To Board

Johnson County's Board of Health had a visit from State Public Health Supervisor Judy Stallman at their last quarterly meeting in October.

Stallman is based in Sheridan, and is one of three supervisors in the state. She spoke about public health, their responsibilities to, and how they serve, their communities.

There are eight basic functions that public health must maintain in their communities: (1) maternal and child health; (2) nursing home and Medicaid long-term waiver pre-admission eligibility; (3) chronic disease prevention, education and management; (4) communicable disease prevention; (5) public health emergency preparedness; (6) community health assessment and planning; (7) public information and education; (8) environmental health hazards.

Stallman explains more about public health, and the state's expectations for them.

She went on to explain that the county and state share in the cost of salaries and benefits for full-time and part-time state-employed nurses with the county responsible for 35% and the state picking up 65%. The county provides funding for administrative support, office space, travel, training and supplies.
The county may receive revenue generated by the Public Health Nurse from charging for immunizations not covered by the state immunization program, collecting donations, and other privately-paid services, which the county can apply to their portion of public health expenses.

The board of health's next meeting was set for January 21st at 11am.

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