Public Could Lose Access To Popular Johnson County Fishery

Healy Reservoir in Johnson County is a private reservoir located east of Buffalo on Highway 16 and is open for public use through a contract with the landowner and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. There have been several recent incidents, however, that may jeopardize public access to the area. Game and Fish Information Specialist Warren Mischke explains.

Mischke says that the public is encouraged to get involved.

Any violations can be reported by calling 1-877-943-3847 or 307-684-5223. Rules and regulations for Healy Reservoir include no hunting or firearms on the property, and no parking along Highway 16 to access the reservoir as parking is limited to designated parking areas.

Yes,no parking along Highway

Yes,no parking along Highway 16 as that was too convienant of a way to access Healy and it was harder for WYGF to prey on the public.

If WYGF wants to waste your license fee's on securing access to a reservoir that was for decades accessed for free,then maybe they should place some dumpsters for trash out there also.What did they think was going to happen when they corraled everyone into a couple spots,that the place was going to stay cleaner?

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