Psychic Medium Addresses PTSD

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(Photo Courtesy of Joseph M. Higgins)
(Photo Courtesy of Joseph M. Higgins)

The aftermath of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has brought a decades-old problem into the spotlight: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Statistics show that approximately 1 out of 5 veterans returning from our country's most recent wars battle anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks and depression related to their military experiences.

While military and civilian counselors and medial professionals are left to deal with the influx of PTSD prevalence, Joseph Higgins is taking a revolutionary, and somewhat unconventional, approach to help veterans. Higgins is a psychic medium who communicates with soldiers who have crossed over to the “other side” of existence. He uses these communications to impart messages of inspiration to living vets with PTSD. In his book, “Always Connected For Veterans: Deceased Vets Give Guidance From the Other Side,” Higgins details the work he's done to help vets with their healing process.

While you probably won't find Higgins making a government-endorsed visit to the Veterans Affairs hospital anytime soon, he says he and others in his field are gaining some level of acceptance with traditional therapists and healers.

Though he's not a veteran himself, Higgins is well-versed in the mechanical and medical aspects of PTSD and war-related trauma. He uses his abilities as a medium to help struggling veterans come to better terms with their pasts.

To learn more about Higgins and his newest publication, click here.

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