Property Owner Assures Commissioners Of Cleanup

Property Owner Assures Commissioners Of Cleanup

Johnson County Resident and property owner James Curutchet attended the last county commissioner's meeting, along with legal counsel, to address the commissioners about a letter they recently sent him asking for a cleanup of his property.

Curutchet owns property east of Buffalo along Interstate 90, that can clearly be seen from the Interstate, that contains old vehicles, trailer houses and other items.

Commissioner Delbert Eitel spoke to Curutchet and his lawyer, Greg Goddard, saying that the commissioners and other county employees had received numerous complaints about the property and that other residents wanted to see it cleaned up.

Those requests prompted the county to draft a letter to Curutchet asking for him to appear before the commissioners and discuss “his side of the story.”

Goddard spoke for Curutchet, saying he understands something needs to be done to improve the situation and he is willing to do it. They then presented a plan to the commissioners to clean up the materials from the property visible from Interstate 90.
The plan is to move all Toyota and Jeep vehicles to the other side of the hill away from view of the Interstate and scrap all other vehicles and have them gone within 6 months. Also, mobile homes will be dismantled., items burned or disposed of as necessary and metals removed and recycled. All mobile homes except 6 used for storage will be gone. This will be accomplished within 12 months according to their plan.

After some discussions, the commissioners, Goddard and Curutchet agreed to draft an understanding between the parties with the stipulations in place and an agreement that the county could ask for inspections of the property to determine progress on the cleanup efforts.

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