Property Destruction At Kleenburn

Damaged picnic table at the newly opened Kleenburn Recreation Area.

A tip from a concerned citizen Thursday alerted the Sheridan County Commissioners that property destruction had occurred at the recently opened Kleenburn Recreation Area north of Sheridan. Commissioner Bob Rolston explains what happened.

Rolston says it's frustrating when something like this happens to an area that was meant to be enjoyed by everyone.

Rolston said that the County will be offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the destruction at the Kleenburn Recreation Area. You can report any information you may know about the crime anonymously by calling the Crime Stoppers hotline at 67-CRIME, that's 672-7463.

It starts at home!

This behavior starts at home! The little brats get there way and are given every little thing they want or throw a fit until they do. Parents need to wake up and start discipling there children out of love! or they face an extremly long and disapointing future ahead of them when they don't get there way as a teen or adult!

please change my what ever from I hear voices to SAY WHAT! hope you can do this for thanks.


Everyone who knows any of the juvenile delinquents here in Sheridan knows that at night, when no one else is around, Kleenburn is a major party area. Some of these delinquents probably (I'm guessing since I know a few...but no I don't know what happened or who did it so again, I'm guessing) got on the top of the table and jumped on it constantly with the intention of breaking it. I've watched the few youths that I do know brag about that same kind of vandelism in the past. Once again, it's a simple case of these delinquents being told by adults how to act and what they can and cannot they are going to do the exact opposite and destroy all that they can until the place is simply banned from being entered due to their damages and misbehavior.

J. S. Luckjohn


What do they expect? Are you for real? They give people a NICE place to fish, watch the wild life, enjoy fresh air.. WITHOUT the rudeness of trash, and rude people.. This happens. I don't like the idea of NO ATV's BUT I love what they did to the place, and SHAME ON YOU for wrecking it.
I hope who ever decided to take apond themselves to do this is caught and puinshed.. One is right, they should have to be par tof the up keep of the Kleenburn area. For those of us whom like it.


Amazing What Some People Consider Fun

As a frequent user of the Kleenburn facility, I can't understand why anyone would want to vandalize it. Is it somehow fun to break new things? Finally there is a quiet open place close to town with water, wildlife and walking paths, and the first thing some people decide to do is ruin it. It's a beautiful site and I commend the county for working with AML to make it useful. We went there alot before it was updated, and it is so much better now.

Oh ... and RJones ... what do people expect? Civilized behavior would be nice.


yes it would...

Rocky, Civilized behavior would indeed be nice, but with the attitude of over 1/2 of the youth in this's not very realistic.

J. S. Luckjohn


I find it sad that you are assuming it's a kid that did this. I would put my money on an adult, personally.

I have seen a lot more "ugliness" from adults in this community than from our youth.

I agree

I read your observation with great interest.
I have been wondering myself why there is that automatic assumption it had to be 'kids'.
But then, I consider kids to be under the age of majority, which I believe is 18 in most states.
As for your comment about "ugliness" are spot on.

Reflection of?

I wonder if the attitudes of the youth could be a reflection of the adults in the community, households, society or maybe even the comments and posts made on sheridan Maybe 1/2 of this communities behavior could be brought into question.

We are civilized and we kill everyday. I wonder if war is part of being civilized?

Very correct: it's not very realistic.

I think you may be on to

I think you may be on to something... People might benefit by taking a closer look in the mirror when they wake up in the morning.. On the down side the people who have this affliction are the last people to recognize it..


I challenge each of us to a higher standard. For those of us to use the land for enjoyment, let's keep it that way. While I agree it was a very bad decision, and costly, those of us who care about the area could save time in a simple way: instead of complaining and blaming other public officials, we could collect money to repair or replace the item. We could support community use, such as turn out to support the race that will be on the trail on April 17th. We can pick up trash when we see it out there. Or if you prefer, continue to vent and place blame instead of modeling to the vandels that we won't stay down, we will do something to make it right.

Guess what folks? Evil intentions and bad decisions are out there. By bad mouthing we add to it. By trying to right a wrong, in the best way possible, we show that community can overcome and support good.


Sad to see people destroying property, pathetic really. Kleenburn was a decent area in the past, but there was a lot of trash around, evident that not everyone believes in picking up after themselves. I look forward to seeing the improvements, but am unhappy to see that they put restrictions on its use. Is there an area close to town that people who enjoy riding their ATV's and the like can go to ride? I only ask as it seems this use is no longer allow and I would like to see set aside for this use. I don't own an ATV, but was thinking that if there isn't a place for this close anymore, there should be.


ATV use

Actually there is a location on nearly 50 acres about the same distance from town as Kleenburn to ride ATV's. The Three Poles recreation area is on state land leased by Sheridan County and is strictly designed for ATV use. It is north of town accessed from the Decker Highway. I don't remember the County Road... maybe Beatty Gulch road. lot's of area to ride and the only requirement is that you take care of it. There are a few rules but they mostly deal with safety.

ATV use

Kurt, Thank You for the information, very useful to know.

This weekend I traveled to Kleenburn to see the improvements. I think what they have done is a good start, but there is a lot of work that needs to be done. Here is my list of would like to see items:

1. More groomed picnic pads along the path.
2. A restroom or two.
3. Groomed access to the ponds in a few locations.
4. Stationary Bar-B-Que grills.

I would also like to see the overnight restriction lifted and possibley some groomed tent-only camping spots at the back end of the park. I can understand overnight restrictions inside of the city, but this is out in the country. I would also be interested in volunteering to help with any of the improvements as I feel it is important to give to the community, may help to save some tax money for other initiatives.


Hey kurt have you been out

Hey kurt have you been out to three poles lately,yeah not much area to ride. I do not believe its even close to 50 acres anymore. I can almost get my quad out of third gear.I think it's funny that someone vandalized the "kleenburn recreation whatever". Maybe if they keep doing it people with think twice about shuttin down every square inch of land there is to ride on around here. It's Wyoming,like we need more spaces reserved to walk or fish. You would think we would have a place reserved to race our bikes.

What a ridiculous

What a ridiculous statement:
"Maybe if they keep doing it people will think twice about shuttin down every square inch of land there is to ride on around here."

Are you actually condoning the destruction of property to prove this point? These areas continue to be closed for that very reason. Maybe if people actually that motorized access was possible, without destruction of public property, it would be allowed in more places. I frequent public lands throughout Sheridan County as a hunter, fisher, and general outdoor enthusiast; and I am severely troubled by actions of my fellow "sportsman". Every year more and more access to public lands is remove or degraded, because the people you would expect to conserve it prefer to trash it. I hope that the new Three Poles area is respected and appreciated so that its future access is maintained, but I personally have my doubts.


I was going to post nearly the same thing as Trevor. To those or the one who did this, why?! What do you get out of it? Seriously? You going to go back to your buddies and brag about how tough you are now? Wooohooo, you're hard core now, you broke up a picnic table. You going to take out a park bench next?

I only hope when whoever did this gets caught the judge decides on a creative punishment.


What do I expect? yet another useless comment from Rjones.

I'm sick and tired of punks causing vandalism. It's a great place for a little R&R close to town. I would just like to ask the the punk or the punks that did this Why?

If anyone knows who did this turn their Asses in.

What do they expect? Maybe

What do they expect? Maybe the county shouldn't have wasted tax dollars on an open pit mine,just to make people like Mike Watkins happy.

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