President of Sheridan City Council Comments on Police Chief Hiring Process

In an effort to be as transparent as is legally possible, Sheridan City Council President John Bigelow will be submitting a Guest Opinion letter to the Sheridan Press regarding the selection process for candidates to replace the Sheridan Police Chief position.

In his letter, Bigelow wrote that "to this point in the process, four of us have participated in identifying semi-finalist candidates. Those four are: Heather Doke, Human Resources Director for the City; Gene Davis, Police Civil Service Commissioner; Chief Rich Adriaens, Gillette Police Department; and John Bigelow, Sheridan City Council President." He goes on to write that they "reviewed in detail [nearly 100] applications and resumes. From these, we identified sixteen candidates that we interviewed either in person (if local) or by telephone...following the interviews, we identified the top six..."

Bigelow writes that the "Sheridan Press has asked that the names of the six semi-finalists be made public...[but] we are prohibited by Wyoming Statute (16-4-201) from doing so..."

Bigelow indicates in the letter that after thorough background checks are done on the finalist candidates for the position, he is "comfortable with releasing the names..."

A final word from Bigelow to the community.

To read Councilman Bigelow's letter in its entirety, click here:

To read Mayor Dave Kinskey's memo to the City Council regarding the Police Chief Hiring Process, click here:

chief of police

I do believe that there is no use to even worry about anything this administration does, Kinskey has already proven he will do whatever his ego dictates. Plus we as a community had a chance to vote him out and we blew it. Shame on us!!!

The upside is that Card is finally on his wayout. Hopefully they will hire a chief that has a clue..

Interesting.Has anyone

Interesting.Has anyone established exactly what business it is of the Gillette police chief,to be involved the selection process of a sheridan police chief? Granted both bigelow and kinskey are from gillette.So is the gillette police chief one of their friends,that they feel is necessary in finding a police chief that kinskey can control?

Funny how transparency seems to change based on the whim of kinskey.Seemed to be no problem releasing the indentities of candidates during the selection of card.

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