Prescription Drug Take Back a Success

Tens of thousands of dollars worth of unused prescription pills were turned in to law enforcement to be destroyed.
Tens of thousands of dollars worth of unused prescription pills were turned in to law enforcement to be destroyed.

A steady flow of people took advantage of the first Prescription Drug Take Back Day, held Saturday at Walgreen's in Sheridan. Sheridan Media's Mary Jo Johnson has more.

It was a glorious Indian Summer day as members of the Sheridan County Sheriff's Office, the Sheridan Police Department, the Alliance for Substance Abuse Prevention, or ASAP, and representatives from Sheridan Media collected medications of all shapes, sizes, colors and forms.

I had a chance to speak with Steve Johnston, the Evidence Technician with the Sheridan Police Department about the significance of the day.

As Steve said, the secure drop boxes are located in the lobbies of both the Sheridan Police Department and the Sheriff's office, generously provided by ASAP. You can take your unused medications there any time.

Covering the fight to end prescription drug abuse in Sheridan County, for news, I'm Mary Jo Johnson reporting.

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expiration date

Many of these medicines expire and no longer work correctly. They would cause more harm by redistributing them back to patients. In the end that would not be very cost effective. Good thing to dispose of them properly.

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Drug program

It is too bad Wyoming won't allow unused, unopened prescription medicines to be donated rather than destroyed. When my Mother died from cancer we had a lot of very expensive medicine that we tried to donate to the nursing home. There were a lot of people dying of cancer there but they could not take any of it. Some of those people had little or no insurance help and could have benefited greatly from it. Instead, we were advised to destroy all of it, which we did while mentally adding up the dollar costs that were being wasted. It amounted to a very large amount, an amount that a lot of suffering people could have saved.

One of the things that

One of the things that struck me when working at the location that day was how much money people had spent on these prescriptions. There must have been something like $20K worth of pills turned in that day. Of course a lot of it was old.... and some of it was VERY old. The oldest stuff I saw that day had expired in 1984.

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