Oil Spill Burned, BLM Studies Next Step

Oil Spill Burned, BLM Studies Next Step

The oil spill that occurred in a remote area of the Powder River Basin last month has since been burned to clean the spill from the lands affected.

A pipeline owned by Belle-Fourche Pipeline of Casper cracked and began leaking on or about May 20th, spilling nearly 25,000 gallons or 600 barrels of crude oil on the ground on land in Johnson County about 45 miles southeast of Buffalo.

The leak did not affect waterways, streams or rivers in the area, according to Leslie Elser, Public Affairs Specialist with the BLM's High Plains District in Casper.

Elser said the leak was in such a remote area, the only realistic cleanup solution was to burn the oil from the surface of the lands.

The burning took place May 22nd and 23rd.

Elser said after the burning occurred, the BLM and Belle-Fourche began discussing remediation and reclamation of the area where the spill occurred.

Elser said that should take a few weeks to complete.

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