Powder Horn Incorporation Is Just A Possibility

While the Homeowners Association at the Powder Horn PUD south of Sheridan has held a couple of public meetings concerning incorporation, any action is still a long way off. Officers of the Powder Horn HOA were guests on KROE’s Public Pulse program yesterday. Powder Horn resident Kelly Pascal Gould says they are still researching to see if incorporation would accomplish their goals.

Board member Jennifer Shassetz says they have made no commitments one way or the other and ultimately the process may never come to fruition.

The consensus seems to be that it will take several more months before they would be able to choose any clear path. The board felt it would have been negligent not to investigate the possibility of incorporation once the idea was brought up by a resident.

Death of the CAP tax

I'll bet if the powder horn is allowed tax dollars, as mad as people are, it will be the last time the optional one cent sales tax or the CAP tax ever pass again. If this is allowed to happen voters will remember this for a long time.

No,it's not about power,it's

No,it's not about power,it's about tax dollars to support a golf course.

No Tax to Glolf Course

No tax money would go to the operation of the golf course. That would be a private business within a city. Why don't you understand this? You seem to be so misinformed on this issue.

I understand perfectly well

I understand perfectly well that all the powder horn is,is a private subdivision and golf course,far short of being a real community.And incorporation would be nothing but a way of getting tax funds to support this golf course and subdivision.The city of sheridan has no problem using tax dollars to support its golf course and scott won't have any problem using tax dollars to support his golf course either.

What's to keep homer from selling his golf course to the city of powder horn,so that tax dollars can run it.


Let me once again educate you. Here is the definition of community:

Traditionally a "community" has been defined as a group of interacting people living in a common location. The word is often used to refer to a group that is organized around common values and social cohesion within a shared geographical location, generally in social units larger than a household.

I believe that this would describe The Powder Horn as a community.

I agree corky the powder

I agree corky the powder horn is a group of people with the common goal and value of scamming the tax payer out of tax money to support their golf course and private subdivision.

No Tax Money to Golf Course

No tax money would be going to the operations of The Powder Horn Golf Course.

Oh yes,it was the idea of

Oh yes,it was the idea of someone else to incorporate and then it became the civic duty of all to persue the issue.


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