Powder Horn And Subdivision

"Do you think that the Powder Horn should incorporate as a municipality?" That is the Bank of Sheridan-Sheridan Media poll question this week. Some believe that this is not a good idea, while others don't care because they don't live there. A few say why, when the Powder Horn is full of "For Sale" signs, and some say they are only after the tax dollars they put into their community.

Let us know what you think. Cast your vote at sheridanmedia.com, and feel free to leave comments. Then listen this Friday morning in the 9 am hour to hear the results on the Jackson Electric Open Line at NewsTalk 930 KROE.

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Powder Horn Incorporation Comments

What happened to all of the comments regarding the incorporation of the Powder Horn?

Trying to figure out "Scott

Trying to figure out "Scott Enterprises"....

I have seen a number mention the businesses they own, but have not seen anything listed besides interest in the Powder Horn and 1st Interstate bank.

Does anyone have a comprehensive, complete list they would care to post?

Would make it easier for any who care to participate, or not, in their businesses much easier.

Homer Scott, Jr and Sugarland Enterprises..

Emerson Scott of Buffalo is not affiliated with Homer Scott, Jr and the Emerson Scott that owned The Ranchhouse in Ranchester are two different folks.

Homer Scott and Sugarland Enterprises own to the best of my knowledge (might be more).

Perkins Restaurant
Holiday Inn
Candlewood Suites
Powder Horn Ranch and Golf Course
His Family control all of the First Interstate Bank chain..

He did have interest in the WalMart property, Burger King, and I believe all of the property on Sugarland Drive there..

WalMart bought their property years ago for 2 million. The Smalls bought out Scotty's interest in Burger King in the 80's..The Galloway's own the property that has the townhomes on it. I believe that all the business owners part of that section of town have purchased their respective properties and Sugarland Enterprises/Scotty have no interest in them any more..


They also used to own The Ranchhouse Restaurant in Ranchester and Emerson Scott owns quite a few rental properties in Buffalo as well. He used to be my landlord years ago there.

J. S. Luckjohn

Get your facts straight

Emerson Scott is in no way related to Homer Scott

A basic list

To answer your question.
Scott owned businesses would be Perkins and the Holiday Inn and Next to New.

However Scott owns Sugarland Development,so now you're talking land lord status.In this capacity they own every building or lot beginning at the Sherwin Williams/Plains Tire/mini mall and everything in between traveling south including the board walk and albertsens.In other otherwords,most of the east side of coffeen and most everything with the words sugarland included in its name,they have involvement as at least a land lord.

Something else worth mentioning would be that the powder horn's home owners association is also pushing for this incorporation as a city.If you include these business owners you now have See's Candy.Cysco foods and Sathers Candy.

Correct me if I am wrong,

Correct me if I am wrong, but See's Candy is a Berkshire Hathaway company, so you are telling me Warren Buffett has a place out at teh Powder Horn? So that means possibly there is a former Sees Candy owner out there but curently is a subsidiary of Berskshire Hathaway.


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