Pooches Rule at Kendrick Pool

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It was a day set apart for dogs Sunday evening at the Kendrick Pool. It was the last of the season swims and it was a doggie delight as the dogs with their owners took to the water. Sheridan Media's Judy Hagerott went pool side and brings us this story.

Sunday, the staff at Kendrick Pool celebrated it's last open day of the summer season with its traditional Dog Swim. Owners and their pets took to the water in what turned out to be a doggie mayhem.

Big dogs, little dogs, dogs of every color and breed were on hand to enjoy a cool swim after a hot day. There were dogs everywhere and just like a bunch of kids, they were running around and getting to know each other and no bullies were allowed.

Kyle Taylor was there keeping an eye on things and says it's a great way to close down the pool.

It's a tradition that Kyle says has been going on forever, even the lifeguards were on hand. For the dogs or the people swimmers?

And the good news is...

Just like little kids testing the water for the first time, most of the dogs were a little bit scared. They couldn't stick their toes in to test the waters. It was all or nothing and some were pushed in, others drug in, and a few took the leap of faith and jumped in.

Jill Hegy was their were her dog “Oliver.” It was his first time ever in the water and he hadn't learned to even dog paddle yet.

It was more than floating, Jill was holding him up and he was clinging on for dear life. I asked her if Oliver had figured it out yet.

Eric Brockman brought “Deus” out for a swim. Deus is a Newfoundland, a natural swimmer, but no one had informed Deus of that.

“Greta” had everyone beat. The six month-old Bernese Mountain Dog and her owner Andy Irion were enjoying the water together.


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