Poll Question: Tax Plans

Poll Question: Tax Plans

Two proposed tax plans that Republican presidential hopefuls have launched to address the struggling economy have received plenty of attention in the past couple of weeks.

Herman Cain's 999 Tax plan, in summary, would impose a 9% flat income tax on individuals, a 9% corporate tax, and a 9% national sales tax. Cain says the plan would lower the overall cost of goods, and increase the nation's tax revenue.

Rick Perry's Flat Tax Plan, released last week in response to Cain's plan, would have Americans choose from either a flat 20% income tax or have them choose to continue filing under their current tax plan. It differs from Cain's plan also in that it doesn't call for a national sales tax.

Each candidate has said the plans attempt to shorten current tax code, giving Americans something simpler. Of the criticism of each plan, both are accused of raising taxes on low-income Americans while reducing the tax burden on those with higher income.

This week's Bank of Sheridan/Sheridanmedia.com Poll Question is "Do you agree with Herman Cain's 999 Tax Plan, and/or Rick Perry's Flat Tax Plan?"

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