Poll Question Addresses 17th Amendment

The proposed 17th Amendment dated 1911.

The 17th Amendment was ratified in Wyoming on February 8, 1913. It ended the election of U.S. senators by state legislatures, and put the selection into the peoples' hands. 37 states formally ratified it; eleven states never have. As Alaska and Hawaii were not yet states prior to the ratification of the amendment, their admission to the Union simply required their adherence to the Constitution in its already-amended form, at the time of their admissions in 1959.

During the 2010 Wyoming Budget Session, the Wyoming House considered a resolution calling for repeal of the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution. Lead sponsor on the resolution was Representative Jack Landon of Sheridan. The bill failed to win introduction, but it prompted this week's Bank of Sheridan / sheridanmedia.com poll question: "Should the 17th Amendment to the US Constitution be repealed?"

Let us know what you think. Cast your vote on our homepage, and feel free to leave appropriate comments. Then tune in to NewsTalk 930 KROE on Friday in the 9 o'clock hour to hear the results on the Jackson Electric Open Line.

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