Poll Motor Building Future Site of Black Tooth Brewing Company

The future site of Black Tooth Brewing Company in Sheridan.
The future site of Black Tooth Brewing Company in Sheridan.

Renovation work is underway at the old Poll Motor Building in Sheridan. Plans are to convert a portion of the building into a brew pub that will offer a wide variety of locally crafted beers. One of the owner's of Black Tooth Brewing Company Tim Barnes, explains just how many different kinds of beer they will be offering.

Barnes stated that Black Tooth Brewing will feature a brewer who has won multiple awards; the brewer has over 25 medal winning beers from national competitions such as The World Beer Cup and The Great American Beer Festival.

While much work will need to be done to renovate the facility into a brew pub, Barnes said that they will be keeping some of the traditional elements of the building to which Sheridan residents have grown accustomed over the years.

Barnes stated that minor demo work on the building began last week, and that all local contractors will be doing the renovation whenever possible. Tentative plans are to open Black Tooth Brewing Company this fall, sometime after October 1st.

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Ok, I have been to the west

Ok, I have been to the west coast where breweries are everywhere. It is fun to go and visit and check out the west coast vibe and mingle with the community. However, in this town I feel as if alcohol is becoming the only source of entertainment. I hope that the town of Sheridan can put as much effort into implementing activities for families that may not drink as they do for the ones that do drink. I shutter when I hear people relate Sheridan to drinking and partying. I hear all the time from outsiders that all there is to do in Sheridan is drink. While there may be other things to do it is obvious that it is not very publicized that there are other activities to participate in. Why cant we turn one of these old buildings into a craft center, an indoor rec center, something? Obviously I do not have the means to do any of this otherwise I would. I am just putting my suggestion out there hoping that someone or a group of people feel the same way.

You speak as if you have a

You speak as if you have a say in what somebody else does with their own personal property. If "we" don't own it, it is not up to us. And if Sheridan isn't a town for booze hounds the business will not survive. One of the fine points of capitalism.

You have a point. Guess we

You have a point. Guess we will see what happens.


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