Poll: Drug Testing Before Benefits?

Poll: Drug Testing Before Benefits?

A bill that passed two-thirds vote last week and moved to committee would require drug testing for those applying for public assistance (HB0082). A person testing positive would be ineligible to receive benefits for one month after a positive drug test, with some exceptions.

The bill passed to committee after a vote of 43-17 on Thursday. The goal is to save the state money, but some have said that it will only hurt the children of families who receive benefits. Wyoming's Personal Opportunities with Employment Responsibilities (POWER) program provides assistance to needy families with children, and the drug test would be given to all applicants and applicants would be required to pay for the test.

This week's Bank of Sheridan/sheridanmedia.com Poll Question is: Should individuals receiving public assistance from the State of Wyoming be subject to drug testing?:

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