Police Report: New Starbucks Crash Details

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(photo courtesy of Shane Parker)
(photo courtesy of Shane Parker)

Sheridan Media News obtained a copy of the official police report from the Sheridan Police Department regarding the vehicle that crashed into Starbucks on Coffeen Avenue last week.

According to the report, 60-year-old Jerome Hunter was on his way to the VA to seek employment, and had gotten up around 5:30 in the morning. The police report then says he took a prescribed pill for his throat, as it has been bothering him. It also further states he also has a prescribed mouthwash for his throat that he has to gargle for "some time", but does not provide further details regarding what was wrong with his throat. Jerome left his residence gargling the mouthwash and headed north on Coffeen Avenue.

Driving down the road, he began to choke on the mouthwash, and even began to cough and spit before he realized he was going to pass out. He wanted to pull over, but he looked down and lost consciousness. When he woke up, he wasn't sure if he was still driving, but he remembers smoke inside the vehicle.

When police officer Adam Balthazor arrived on scene, Hunter was laying on the sidewalk, and his head was bleeding, but bandaged. The officer interviewed eight witnesses and learned Hunter had been helped by a woman who claimed to be a trained paramedic, but left the scene unidentified when the officer, Sheridan Fire Rescue and Rocky Mountain Ambulance had arrived.

The vehicle was extracted from the building and towed by Ted's Towing. The investigating officer later went back to investigate the vehicle, and in the report, describes the physical evidence in the vehicle that verifies Hunter's account of the accident.

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