Police Arrest Sheridan Man On Child Pornography Charges

Sheridan Police arrested 52-year-old Huntley Rinck on child pornography charges Tuesday. Rinck made his initial appearance in Sheridan County Circuit Court yesterday. Rinck’s employer found a portable USB computer drive still attached to a computer at work. The employer viewed contents of the drive to attempt to identify the owner and immediately called police after seeing some of the files.

One of Rinck’s co-workers identified the drive as belonging to Rinck. The drive was seized and examined by police and members of the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation. According to court documents, the device contained multiple images of naked males and females that did not appear to have reached puberty yet. Authorities also found several stories allegedly written by the defendant that graphically described sex acts with children.

As a result of the evidence police obtained a search warrant for Rinck’s home and seized his personal computer. Prosecutors claimed that more charges may be filed after the computer is thoroughly examined.

Rinck refused court appointed legal counsel and asserted he would represent himself in the case. Judge John Sampson set a $250,000 cash only bond. Rinck could receive up to 10 years in prison if convicted of sexual exploitation of children. A preliminary hearing date has not been set yet.


I had this guy as an umpire in little league baseball. I did not necessarily get a weird feeling around him, just that he kind of "looked" off. I tried to be nice and just not say negative things about him so I just stayed in my own buisness and nothing happened to me. Although it does make me feel very bad and sad that he was "teaching?" this young girls "sports?" I don't know but I sure hope he doesn't come out anytime soon.

I know the guy!!

Hey I know the guy. [ content edited by Sheridan Media ] I cant believe it. [ content edited by Sheridan Media ] He lived right across the street. Well in apartments same type of apartments different building. Right below my friend too.

Great Questions!

Forgive for posting such a lengthy response.
It appears as though someone would like a few answers to why they have the experience of confusion.

Every person that comes your way is asking to connect with you, even the ones that appear opposite to that. And really, since there is only one consciousness, who is it that you meet in the others? And what is your attitude towards them?
It is the same attitude you have toward your own self.

When we learn to open ourselves in acceptance, instead of judging and building the fortress walls of our own individual existence of separateness, what follows is a higher cognition of reality, a deeper appreciation and experience of how intimately we all are connected and just how much of the same we are when we move through the surface appearances.

As individuals, we all experience life according to our state of consciousness. Hence, the Compassion of Christ is not easily cognized by the waking state mind.

Compassion does not mean "suffering with", as has often been felt in the world. True compassion raises the consciousness of those who are less evolved. Thus compassion is that emotion which connects humanity vertically together, for there will always be those who are less conscious and those who are more conscious than oneself. Therefore compassion for the lesser evolved and compassion from the more evolved ties the entire human race together in one endless tapestry of forgiveness, atonement and progress.

Friendliness radiates horizontally outward to equals; compassion radiates downward and outward to those less evolved; joyfulness radiates upward.

These are the natural directions of these three emotions; but indifference has no natural direction, as it relates only to the world of illusions, to that which is not real.

It becomes increasingly evident that compassion is the only appropriate emotion for those who are caught by the boundaries of ignorance.

“When I accept others as they are, they change. When I accept myself as I am, I change.”
--Carl Rogers


I would like them to post a picture of this man. I think the community deserves that at least

What do you expect?

Millions of people out of work, millions of people going bankrupt because of medical issues (not just overspending) economy not recovering, price of gas has fallen but groceries remain the same if not higher, millions of 1 parent households, millions of no parent households because both parents work, parents letting thier 13 year old girls do whatever they want, judges harrassing teens without fear of punishment, people tasering other people in a bar at an illegal card game, (isnt gambling illegal in A public venue in Sheridan or is a bar a private venue?) a WAR in the middle east with an unseen enemy costing billions of dollars to you and I each month, (are we at war to protect Americans? if you have an answer to this, please post..very stange war to me) a democratic liberal president, etc.

Pick your poison. Fear is a potent catalyst. The results of all the above are even being felt in small towns across America. Crime will continue to rise, corruption will continue in political arenas, petty larceny in the local levels of government, all types of border line perversion and borderline personality disorders will (no longer borderline)continue to surface with your friends, family, and neighbors. Drug use is and will continue to run rampant, including alcoholism. The true nature of residents will be revealed through public posts. Many reasons, many excuses, but in the end True Justice will prevail. Happy Halloween

You should really have all the facts.

You should really have the facts before you decide that anyone was letting their 13yr old do whatever they want. I am assuming just the same as you that you are refering to the story that ran a couple weeks ago about a 13yr being touched inappropriatly. I am the father of one of the 13yr olds involved and let me tell you they were not where they were supposed to be and they are currently suffering the consequences of there actions and will be for the forseeable future at least in my household as should the 18yr old that was involved. It is irritating the way that people are ready to judge a parent on a few lines in a news story. I keep forgetting he is actually the victim because the 13yr old girl tempted him into touching her and the parent is to blame for allowing the girl to tempt him. It no wonder why the world is the way that it is no one is willing to lay blame where it belongs its always someone elses fault.

No blame-Just responsibility

I was responding to the post "is anything wrong anymore?" The post seemed to be one sided. I do not think 18 year men or women should be exploiting 13 years old tweens of either sex. Response to your post:

1. Should we know what, where and who our 13 year old daughters and sons are with? Yes we should.

2. Should we hold ourselves responsible for our actions? yes we should and this includes our parenting actions or lack thereof.

3. Can you judge a parent or parents by the actions of thier children? Yes you can. Within reason.

Everbody involved is suffering the consequences and rightly so, including the mothers and the fathers. The facts I go by are universal and fall in the category of "Common Sense". If I do post, I keep it pretty black and white to avoid confusion of my stance on a subject.

One thing for sure, I do and will continue to take responsibility for the actions of my children. Whether they do good or bad. I wonder, do 13 year olds lie, cheat, steal, etc? They are human after all, well I think they are.

All I can say is...

Take your medicine, and parent your kid a little better.. A child’s morals are learned behavior. Don't shunt guilt, your child is watching.. Remind her that the community is watching, as it should be...

get back on subject

To Dillio and Damian...if you insist on forcing your holier than thou attitutes do it elsewhere. We get it, you are the Perfect parent....so go polish your Parent of the century plaques and back OFF! You have no right to insinuate or even say in any way that the rest of society are worse parents....it's not always the parent's fault that the child decides to take their own path in life...when they get to a certain age they also have the right to make choices and suffer the consequences. If you don't allow them to do so, they'll never be truly ready for the Real world. Even you "Gods" must agree to that. We could be the most attentive, caring, doting parents in the world and the child could decide another path for his/her life...whether in rebelion or not, it's still the power of choice. We cannot be with our kids 24/7 to make every single decision for them and if we are...well then it's absolutely no surprise that the kids would want to choose their own fate! Not you or any other human being on the planet (unless abuse is involved) has ANY right to tell us how we should be raising our children!! So in conclusion, maybe you should look in the mirror because your Halo is starting to tarnish and look at that...your child forgot to salute you this morning. Buddy, I guarentee you have no idea what your child does when not in your sight so look at your own kids as human before you start to judge ours!

J. S. Luckjohn


What is the subject that you would like for me to get back onto? Oh, Child Porn. You can stay on subject if you want. I just respond to various posts that have my attention. How about this, Dont force you unholier then thou beliefs upon me. Go post elsewhere. I also have a sense of humor.

The only vice that is bad is advice. Thanks for the advice on commenting or posting elsewhere or maybe I should look in the the mirror. I will have to decline.

But in a way, I do look in the mirror everyday, everytime I see my children. Strange how they mirror the parents, both good and bad. At all ages of development. I wonder if my own offspring will be ready for the REAL WORLD? LOL

My children question all authority and respect it also, they even question almighty me. Just part life in my household. Can you imagine that I even monitor the words to the music they listen to, the television they watch, the books they read, the way they speak in my household, manners at the dinner table, make sure they brush thier teeth, myspace use, texting, etc. Man, being a parent is a full time job. As I know my kids are partly human unlike me, I can guarentee I know more then you can think about what they do outside thier home. By your fruits you shall be known. Maybe I am too involved with the welfare of my kids, maybe I am a smothering parent, maybe I am too protective. Obviously you do not know me at all. If you did know me and knew my children, you would think we lived on seperate planets. Seriously. Hey, if it makes you feel better my children are good and bad, just like me and you.

In conclusion: be part of the problem or part of the solution, make a positive impact on the world, make sure you ingrain your good ethics and morals into your children (if you have any, I only speak for me and my, no others) and finally Halo happens to be one of the best games in the world. Have you hugged anyone this year? Try it, you will feel better.

P.S. If being responsible for your children is part of the requirements for a perfect parent, then SO BE IT says silverwolf.

I think your missing the

I think your missing the point... If you let your under aged kids run the street after dark and alone, you will be judged..

Just an aside...

As far as gambling in Wyoming goes, yes, it is illegal for the most part. However, a few years ago the Wyoming State Legislature passed a law that makes it legal for a business to have card games as long as the business derives no direct revenue from the endeavor. Selling drinks to players is okay but the business could not hire a dealer nor could they charge players to participate.

For the most part

Yes this is off the subject. The bars do generate revenue off these card games, as they do darts, pool, etc. Even if the patrons just order softdrinks. That is why the bars want the card games at thier business.

I guess there are loop holes for just about everything under the sun. Thanks for the info. Perception is everything.

On another note: These forums should remain open and public to those that even have extreme ideas or posts, even if they are off subject. Freedom of speech is a good thing even though some things will not be prudent or so called acceptable, let the public police them, not an individual or two. Just my oppinion, please do not censor or bann. Of course censor cuss words and threats that are violent in nature, but not good ol debate or banter. Let all the public be heard and those who participate can come up with thier own conclusion on the post. Maybe require the posters to use real names and info to avoid liability issues. There are no questions only solutions.

Is anything wrong anymore?

It astonishes me how folks can take up for or excuse or rationalize the awful things that have happened in Sheridan recently and the people that have done them. Child porn, burglary, drugs, harassment of a judge, touching a 13 year old inappropriately, and even murder. I would like to go the record as saying these things are wrong and need to be adjudicated. Lord help us if we can't see that there is right and wrong and not just a lot of situational ethics.

There is no excuse

This is how society wanted it. The world has changed a lot in the last 25 years. Remember the Magic 8 ball that had all the answers, one of the answers plays over and over in my mind some times when I read stuff like this "Outlook Not So Good" ... That about sums it all up....

Is anything wrong anymore???

Amen! I totally agree!!!!


The thing that concerns me the most is that this man has worked with MANY of our local children as a referee for sports. I always thought he was odd but I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Now it looks like I should have gone with mother's intuition.

Same Here

I always had a wierd feeling too, but tried not to be judgmental. Every time I saw him (park, pool, where ever) he was always surrounded by kids. I am glad my kids were never attached to him.

Mothers Intuition

About 3 yrs. ago, I woudn't let my 10 yr. old "girl child' participate in the "sports" he was "teaching" other young girls (in a casual way at whitney Commons). I got chewed out for it by someone saying: "Oh he's great! He takes care of our kids all the time."- But I stuck to my gunns-"Mother's Intuition".
Maybe it's time people started listening to Mothers Intuitions- Can't be as bad as and may be better than listening to anything else.
-Time to Respect the Parents; Not the peers; Not the friendly strangers; Not the Devil. !!
Right is Right wrong is wrong.

What the @*&! ?

As an educatued anthropologist, I think that other cultures can keep their traditions. This is not a case of east meets west. This is why they are undeveloped countries, they still live in their own little worlds filled with archaic tradition... In this case, given that I worked with the man, I think we need to stick to American values and principles, our own more developed morality. Here in this world, the one we live in, this behavior is not acceptable.

The thing that bothers, me

The thing that bothers, me is that a picture alone of a totaly unknown subject how does one gauge "AGE" .. I work in this area of computer forensics, most of the cases like this develop as sting operations. That way the DA can show clear intent that the person had something in his posession, and knew all along it was under age content. That is how you get a conviction.

I assume

I assume (not knowing anything other than what I read here) that these were pictures of pre teen children. I can see the possibility of say a twenty year old that looks sixteen, but no grown adult I know looks nine years old.

Lets hope your right.

Lets hope your right.


This case could be an uphill battle for the Sheridan DA, Get ready to write the check it's going to be a big one....

This is incredibly sad and

This is incredibly sad and disturbing. I could only hope that this man hasn't actually acted out any of the acts that he described in his stories. I hope that along with a jail sentence, that he receives the psychological help that he clearly needs. It is too often that these men and women get away with a short jail sentence and the problem isn't actually dealt with.


the truth

I agree with you that this monster needs psychological help, the truth of the matter is that he will not recieve it in the Wyoming penal system. Rawlins prison system cancelled those specialty classes and counseling...too much money needed to keep them going. The inmates there recieve counseling in the form of watching videos, writing papers on what they've done, and maybe a group once a month. I know this for fact because I have personal conflict with an inmate in the system for the same reason. Don't expect anything severe or deep as far as counseling because he will not recieve it in Wyoming.

J. S. Luckjohn

He will be judged

An educated anthropologist is quite familiar of the tribes in which the sons perform oral sex on their fathers as a "rite of passage".

There are alot of Americans that would, more than likely, be burned at the stake for what they do behind their bedroom doors(by groups with heavy moral convictions of course.)

I just love when morality goes to court.

This will be quite entertaining. Truly better than anything on TV!!!(I hope this post is entertaining as well).

Apparently we can't separate church and state. They are too closely connected "under the covers".

There is no doubt; He will be judged.....(twice :-)

are you insinuating?

Are you insinuating that sex acts with a child under the age of puberty is a private matter and somehow acceptable, and only forbidden because religious zealots rule our country? Not being a particularly religious person I find your statement (if indeed I understand it) disgusting.

I'm trying to stay out of

I'm trying to stay out of this, so many things about this whole situation are "Subjective To Interpretation". Thats why this case is going to cost so much in my mind.


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